Endorsing In District 9 Is Just Plain Silliness

Meanwhile, Louisville Metro Animal Services is rotting to the ground. Animal lovers across the country are taking to Facebook, outraged by pictures allegedly taken at a Spencer County kennel. [WDRB]

Amos McGrew suffered from frequent ear infections, requiring ear tubes inserted two years in a row at two different hospitals. [C-J/AKN]

On Monday crews began work on the Indiana approach portion of the Downtown Crossing. [WHAS11]

No, folks, hemp is not yet a thing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It’s merely being studied via five pilot projects. There’s no need for cheerleading until hemp is in full swing production an the economic benefits are being realized. Until then, it’s just the Jamie Is Running For Governator Show. [H-L]

Yes, Louisville, your tax dollars helped pay for an application that puts words on pictures. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The coroner’s office has released the identity of the serial robbery suspect who killed himself Saturday night after being pulled over by police. This whole story is crazy. [WLKY]

Not only is Greg Fischer’s endorsement in a primary inappropriate, it shows just how politically inept the guy is. “I think it’s a good old boy’s network and a clear example of cronyism to be frank. And it’s quite honestly a fueling factor for why I’m running. I’m extremely disappointed, especially when Tina is staying out of it and a lot of other people are.” [WFPL]

A young artist is capturing the love between pets and their owners. After she lost her cat and dog last year due to illnesses, Halle Shoaf, 8, decided to cope with her grief by painting portraits for donations to the Arrow Fund. [WAVE3]

Kerry Stemler, chairman of the board of Greater Louisville Inc., the metro chamber of commerce told staff members there and the organization’s board of directors Monday night that president and CEO Craig Richard has resigned from GLI, effective Saturday, Feb. 15. [Business First]

Public/bus transportation literally ends where Kentucky’s borders begin. [Page One]

Jeffersonville is sitting on $5.2 million in its general fund. Talks about the city’s 2014 budget has led to some disagreements, particularly on the interpretation of the word “surplus.” [News & Tribune]

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  1. ‘Bro’ Bill is a nice guy and would make a good council member. But so would a half dozen of the other entries. His endorser isn’t familiar with math as it relates to politics. In a 13 person race, when several entries are well-known individuals with solid reputations (a/la former long-time and elected circuit judge Jeff Morris) no one will gain 50% of the primary vote ERGO his endorser has gained the wrath of MORE THAN 50% of the 9th District voters. Oooops — as the merry-go-round goes around.

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