Do You Feel Safe At The University of Louisville?

The widow of the former president of Holiday World will still be in control of the amusement park. [WDRB]

Sitting at the corner of South 18th Street and West Broadway with barely enough money in his pocket for the bus, Earlvin Pilgrim perked up at the thought of a Walmart in the empty lot across the street. [C-J/AKN]

A warning for University of Louisville students after two robberies were reported in less than two days. [WHAS11]

Nothing to see here, move along, puppies and rainbows… KentuckyOne Health has begun cutting staff to make up the $218 million over the next 17 months its chief executive says is needed to make up a budget deficit. [WFPL]

This is an understatement and a half. The guy and his cohorts has been “counseling” people who have ended up killing themselves. A controversial billboard at the intersection of Bardstown Road and Grinstead Drive is upsetting some members of the community. [WLKY]

When shortsightedness leads to stifling progress. Or how regular people can force change when even their allies stand against them. [Page One]

Subtle changes could equal a major makeover for traffic in one neighborhood. Soon it could spread across Metro Louisville. [WAVE3]

A Western Kentucky woman has filed a lawsuit in Lexington, alleging that negligence by multiple defendants led to her husband’s death during an extreme sports event in March 2013. [H-L]

The Congressional Budget Office released a report Tuesday concluding that the Democrats’ proposal to raise the minimum wage would reduce poverty but also cost the economy jobs, providing fodder to both sides of the aisle. [HuffPo]

Floating in 34-degree water and surrounded by 8-inch-thick ice, Indiana State Police diver Sgt. Manville Nagle lifted his hand out of Deam Lake. [News & Tribune]

Across the board, statistics from different analytic sectors and data sites are showing a drop in the number of home foreclosures nationally. [Business First]

1 thought on “Do You Feel Safe At The University of Louisville?

  1. “Safety Is a Matter of Definition”

    Prof. Depress: “Do you feel safe on the UofL campus, bud?”

    Prof. Melanchol: “Forget the damn robberies. At least we don’t have all those embezzling honchos around any longer to steal much, much more money. I wonder if more are on their way, though.”

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