Yes, Racism Alive And Well In Possibility City

After Louisville’s media outlets revealed that a suspect had been arrested in the St. Matthews Kroger murder case, something happened that won’t surprise anyone reading this. But that something is what a ton of people don’t want to talk about. Whenever we bring it up, we’re accused of causing drama and promoting unrest.

Here’s the deal: racism continues to be a real problem in Possibility City and it’s not taken seriously by this town we call home.

Here’s the mugshot that was released (we’re only using WDRB as an example):


What happened next involves all local television and print outlets. WDRB, WHAS, WLKY, WAVE, C-J/AKN, et al. It’s disgusting. Not that the comments were allowed to remain but that people harbor such unbelievably awful feelings toward non-whites.

Let’s take a look at a bunch of screenshots from various outlets:

And there was this gem:

What the hell is wrong with people?

Yes, racism is a problem everywhere. It’s not unique to Louisville. But until civic, government, media and educational leaders take this more seriously? Nothing will change in Louisville. Media outlets have a responsibility to better cover this issue – if that’s possible. Elected officials have a responsibility to discuss these issues. Schools have a responsibility. You have a responsibility.

I don’t in any stretch of the imagination believe racism can fully be eradicated but come on. The least this city should do is work hard when it comes to having a conversation about equality and ignorance like this.

It’s 2014 and idiots are making ridiculously racist remarks – publicly – using their names and photographs. Unreal.

4 thoughts on “Yes, Racism Alive And Well In Possibility City

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing troglodyte Facebook users. But in defense of the media, are you suggesting stations shouldn’t have used the Cross mugshot at all because of the reactions that might engender? Mugshots are as much a staple of local TV news as flying weather graphics.

  2. Not suggesting that in the least. News outlets are no more responsible for what someone looks like than they are for the ridiculous things their audience says. Which is to say: not responsible at all, nor should they be.

    Stations that allowed the worst comments to remain visible should actually be commended. Allows everyone else to see just how racist many people we may deal with on a daily basis happen to be.

  3. The bad thing is this person is, at least for now, a suspect.
    The WORSE thing is, these people could be selected as jurors. The commentors look educated, but when they open their mouth, ignorance comes out. I guess they don’t think that their employers likely monitor their facebook, somebody’s going to get fired. Def Con Red has be reached in St. Matthews. Would their have been as many comments if this happens outside of west of St. Matthews. As for the media, they beat a dead horse, meaning any single incident ends up being in the news for a week. There are 3 sides to every story, the 1st side, 2nd side, and the truth. My condolences to the victims family and if the suspect is found guilty, let justice prevail (guilty until innocent vs. innocent until guilty).

  4. “Are you suggesting stations shouldn’t have used the Cross mugshot at all?”

    That’s actually not as ridiculous as you make it sound, Mr. Bernson. There’s strong evidence showing that an overemphasis on crime news actually engenders racist sentiment. See my latest WFPL column:

    And kudos to you, Jake, for not blurring out these people’s names. They posted in public places; they should own up to their mistakes.

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