Will Metro Council Whitewash LMAS Again? (Yes)

You can’t even live in St. Matthews these days without the bomb squad showing up in your neighborhood. (Yes, hand-wringers, this is sarcasm) [WDRB]

You’ve seen the problems mega wealthy Jim King caused with the arena… do you really want him making decisions about raising your sales taxes? Take politics out of it and consider it. Do you really want people who make more in a month than you do in a decade to take more of your money instead of getting the city’s financial house in order? [C-J/AKN]

Way to go, folks, you’ve likely ruined downtown parking on Saturdays for everybody. [WHAS11]

Wondering why Kentucky’s pension system and budget are always shot all to hell? You can thank people like Damon Thayer. [Page One]

People are freaking out about this Mars story this week. Just bizarre-o. [WLKY]

Business leaders have signed a White House pledge not to discriminate against hiring the long-term unemployed, President Barack Obama will announce on Friday. [HuffPo]

Greg Fischer refused to act with Metro Animal Services so Briana Holloway has gone to Metro Council. Unfortunately for her, Jim King has gone out of his way to whitewash matters there. That’s despite his wife being an animal advocate on the zoo board. Debbie should light a fire under Jim’s ass instead of just breaking out in flop sweats over the issue. [WLKY]

A bill that would require more training to help Kentucky doctors recognize and prevent abusive head trauma in children won approval Thursday from a legislative committee. [Sam Youngman]

Half of Kentucky’s kindergartners were ready in the fall to enter the public education system, and Jefferson County’s youngest students were slightly more prepared, according to state data released Thursday afternoon. [WFPL]

A New Albany Police Department officer is requesting his sick days be restored and that he be paid for salary lost after he wasn’t allowed to work light duty following an injury. [News & Tribune]

Atlanta-based United Parcel Service Inc. reported earnings of $14.97 billion for the fourth quarter of 2013, up 2.8 percent from the $14.57 billion reported a year ago. [Business First]

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  1. sure hope the council will stand up for once and clear Bianna of any wrongdoing and force those idiots at MAS to get her back. There is also still an officer wrongfully dismissed who has yet to have an arbritration hearing on her dismissal..maybe someone can approach the council about her as well..probably not but worth a try against useless management …

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