We’re Surprised GLI Is Apparently Still A Thing

Greater Louisville Inc., the metro chamber of commerce, has three legislative priorities for the 2014 Kentucky General Assembly, according to a New Year email blast from GLI CEO Craig Richard. [WDRB]

The Rev. Frank M. Smith Jr. delivered a fervent sermon to a packed house at Westwood Presbyterian Church near Chickasaw Park on New Year’s Day, outlining what Christians need to do to help curb violence in Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

Seven months ago, the world began to learn the vast scope of the National Security Agency’s reach into the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the United States and around the globe, as it collects information about their phone calls, their email messages, their friends and contacts, how they spend their days and where they spend their nights. The public learned in great detail how the agency has exceeded its mandate and abused its authority, prompting outrage at kitchen tables and at the desks of Congress, which may finally begin to limit these practices. [NY Times]

Welp, we’re all gonna die of the flu. Just like every year. [WHAS11]

A northern Kentucky city is demolishing abandoned homes in an effort to eliminate blight from its urban core. [H-L]

This woman sounds like she’d make a terrific neighbor. A Louisville woman faces charges after police said she had another woman’s vehicles towed for scrap last month. [WLKY]

For nearly 50 years, Carl Glen Hall kept his firefighting gear by the door of his home. The Charlestown volunteer firefighter was always prepared to drop anything and rush to a fire scene when he was called upon. [News & Tribune]

If you have not registered your pet, you have a couple of months to do so without paying a late fee. Unless you’re Jake, of course, because LMAS has ignored his (he’s on his 17th attempt now) attempts to re-register his dog since 2012. [WAVE3]

For Jeanne Miller-Jacobs, the decision to take into her home three children after her son and daughter-in-law got into legal trouble was akin to a house fire with her family inside. [WFPL]

As its initial foray into impact investing, the Community Foundation of Louisville plans to lend $100,000 to Navigate Enterprise Center, the micro-enterprise division of Jewish Family & Career Services of Louisville Inc. [Business First]

Get your popcorn ready, meemaws! Bill Nye the Science Guy is gonna debate the Creation Museum lunatic on February 4. [Click the Clicky]

3 thoughts on “We’re Surprised GLI Is Apparently Still A Thing

  1. The people running the NSA think they’re above things like Congress, Presidents or Constitutions. They’re a bunch of J. Edgars, full of moral certainty that their actions are justified.

  2. So the good Christians and politicians of Louisville believe that putting a stop to drinking and twerking will magically reverse violence. Like violence doesn’t have a thing to do with poverty and all the emotional devastation and oppression it brings to families and children. Or that so many parents escape the reality of their dead-end existance with drugs.

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