We’re Stuck Wondering Who’ll Replace Ward-Pugh

It’s truly unfortunate that televised media in Louisville has chosen to focus on one incident that may not be much more than hype. Instead, Louisville’s press has been sitting on its hands for years when it comes to the hot mess that is Metro Animal Services. It’s much worse than a case or two of animal abuse. [WDRB]

We are ALL FOR the gays running for office but it remains to be seen if this guy has the ability and sense of Tina Ward-Pugh. Should we hold our breath? Will anyone as capable as her be running? [C-J/AKN]

Police are investigating a shooting in Shively early Tuesday morning. Louisville sure loves its shootings. Makes for great teevee news hype. [WHAS11]

Most of Kentucky’s larger cities are slowly recovering from the global economic recession that began in 2008, according to a study released Thursday by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. [John Cheves]

Leslie Brownell Combs II, whose Spendthrift Farm was once the home of Triple Crown winners Seattle Slew and Affirmed, has died in Lexington. He was 80. [WLKY]

Greg Fischer feigned confidence publicly in the downtown arena. It’s just a shame he doesn’t have the confidence in private. [WFPL]

For Verdis Daniels Jr., the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer in 2013 showed that maybe America hasn’t come so far since Daniels was an academic star at Texas’ Nacogdoches High School in 1976. [HuffPo]

David Lewis isn’t shocked. He isn’t even surprised that a thief or thieves tried to salvage every scrap of metal out of the foreclosed property he called home on Craig Avenue in South Louisville’s Woodruff neighborhood. [WAVE3]

Featuring sticky buns, cinnamon rolls and an assortment of specialty breads, a new bakery is hot out of the oven in New Albany. [News & Tribune]

We’re beyond skeptical of local option sales taxes because, uh, yeah, people obviously need to be taxed more. And we lean toward opposing just about anything Greg Fischer supports. [Business First]

It’s been nine months since the Kentucky General Assembly passed a law setting up a regulatory process for growing industrial hemp should the federal government relax its restrictions. [Ronnie Ellis]

7 thoughts on “We’re Stuck Wondering Who’ll Replace Ward-Pugh


    Greg sure does sound better than Alex Rorke of Hilliard Lyons. Mr Rorke’s last two statements regarding the financials include the word “HOPE”.

    Why would a senior financial guy continue to hope instead of plan, collect data and direct?

  2. Should be noted that no one in their right mind (not even me) believes Fischer should be confident privately. He’s every reason to pop a vein.

    It’s a shame he CAN’T have more confidence privately.

  3. At least Fischer’s been in office long enough to know how to throw previous administrations (i.e. Abramson) under the bus: “But there’s no question that it hadn’t worked out the way the original forecast was, most of them don’t work out,” says Fischer. “We inherited that, we’re living with it.”

  4. With all due respect, just because a financial debacle was inherited (which it was [for sure]) that inheritance is no reason to avoid taking the ‘bull by the horns’ and straightening it out. The local university’s lease is an utter joke that is not a ‘real’ contract because it was negotiated by the arena authority between Jim Host and Tom Jurich and approved by an Arena Authority that was composed of local university partisans many of whom do business with the university and many of whom have multifarious connections with INCLUDING representation on its Board of Overseers (including the Mayor [who complains about inheriting the mess]. There’s no reason for the arrangement to include $2m a year to ‘assist’ in the payment of Papa John’s bonded debt or to insure that future expansion of the football stadium will be included in the university’s ‘take’ from the arena or that the men’s basketball team rent is $10k a game of that the university takes out nearly $30mm a year from the arena — while the arena loses $25mm a year. Time for leaders to lead and not make excuses.

  5. I was only pointing out the sliminess of politicians, not that Fischer’s statement was in any way an excuse for using taxpayer’s money to make it rain for local crooks. Oh, and be sure to vote for that local tax option if you truly love getting screwed, as apparently do 73% of other Kentuckians, most of whom earn less money than the national average and/or are on welfare and foodstamps.

  6. I don’t see how 73% of Kentuckians even know what a local option tax is.

    You think Louisville is segregated now based on race and income? Wait until there’s crazy sales tax in all the gentrified areas – Highlands, Clifton, St. Matthews, NuLu and Portland – once Gill Holland finishes up there. It’ll cost low wage artistic folks – the very people we’re trying to lure – even more to live.

    It’s good news for the Fairdales and Shivelys of the world, though. All the people who can’t afford to live will be headed there.

  7. Sorry, I misquoted Fischer. That’s 72% (not 73%) of Kentuckians who favor the local tax option. That poll must have been taken behind locked doors during the Build the Bridges on the Last Penny Left in the Now Empty Pockets of Kentucky Taxpayers preliminary steering comittee study group meeting starring John “No Nose” DiFronzo as the chairman.

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