WAVE Knocks Another One Out Of The Park

How on earth can a legitimate news organization run claims like these without comment from the guy or an attorney? Remember, this station prides itself on journalistic integrity.

They’re not from court documents, aren’t backed up by any police records that we can find, come from some guy who claims to have met him on Craigslist.

Take a look at the latest from WAVE3’s Connie Leonard:

He’s the medical assistant who surprised everyone including police when he confessed to killing a Louisville nursing home patient seven years ago. But what do we really know about 34-year-old David Satterfield?

Dennis Faulkerburg, a former friend of the alleged killer said as he got to know Satterfiled he didn’t like what he was seeing. According to him he was a dark, angry person with a serious alcohol and prescription drug problem.


“I was actually trying to get rid of a cat that I had and he had answered a Craigslist ad on it,” said Dennis Faulkenburg of how he first met Satterfield and his roommate a few years ago. “We kind of started hanging out, but there were some issues that arose immediately.”

A few months into the friendship, Faulkenburg said Satterfield was nice when he was sober, even speaking fondly of his job as a medical tech, but he claims Satterfield was also an angry drunk, who drank before work and assaulted his roommate at night.


He claimed Satterfield started stalking him, even showing up at his work.


The former friend said he called Jeffersontown police, but said because he feared Satterfield, he didn’t press charges.

“But what do we really know about 34-year-old David Satterfield?” Really? Hyping this up to frighten viewers?

Sure, Satterfield is a confessed killer but that’s not yet been proved. The claims from this Craigslist guy appearing out of nowhere aren’t verified.

What on earth happened to local television journalism?

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