LMAS Still A Sinkhole After All These Long Years

We’ve basically given up on Louisville Metro Animal Services, as you can likely tell. Because Greg Fischer and Sadiqa Reynolds REFUSE to take the organization seriously. They flat-out refuse to manage the disaster that is LMAS.

How many years has this been going on? How many directors have we gotten fired for being terrible/drunk/pimps/abusive/ridiculous?

The latest person to run things, Margaret Brosko, is no different than the people who came before her. You already know about her ramming a city vehicle into an employee’s car and lying about it – after being caught by police. Your tax dollars had to pay for the damages she caused.

Now? She’s back to kicking volunteers to the curb for photographing and taking video of animals that need to be adopted. That’s something that occurred regularly under the past two directors and it’s a shame to see it still going on:

A Louisville Metro Animal Services volunteer says she was dismissed after she posted videos of shelter dogs on her Facebook page.

Briana Holloway has been a volunteer for Metro Animal Services since May 2012 and she thought she was doing a good job. She wanted to help the dogs get adopted. She would post videos of them playing and getting exercise at the Manslick shelter.


Two days a week at times for more than six hours, Holloway would interact with the shelter dogs and give them the extra attention they need.

“My goal is to try to save as many animals as possible to get as many pit bulls and pit mixes out of Metro Animal Services that’s all that I want to do,” said Holloway.

Holloway decided to start recording videos of the dogs and post them on her personal Facebook page.


On Tuesday Holloway got a call from a Metro Animal Services administrator telling her she was not allowed to take or post videos unless they were approved through management.

By phone, a spokesperson told WAVE 3 News Holloway violated volunteer policies and procedures. The spokesperson couldn’t comment further because it was a personnel matter.

The last time we checked, LMAS was still a municipal facility and taxpayers pay for the joint.

Last time we checked, hundreds of dogs and cats are being killed every month at LMAS because they can’t find homes.

And they’re still pulling crap like this. Dismissing VOLUNTEERS because they want a personal fiefdom and can’t stand for the general public to know what goes on in that place.

Greg Fischer – the alleged business management and inventor expert – needs to get his ass (figuratively) kicked up and down Main Street for allowing this to go on as long as it as. Or possibly (literally) locked in a small cage for two weeks until he develops a serious respiratory infection.

Greg’s key supporters should be publicly shamed until real action is taken. Everyone responsible for getting Greg elected? Every last one of them need to be publicly reminded that the blood is on their hands for allowing this to continue. Not one of them has had the guts to get in Greg’s face the past several years to tell him to do something. That should not include allowing inexperienced yokels to run the joint and should not include hiring another manchild to dig the hole deeper. Otherwise, LMAS needs to be dismantled and auctioned off.

Since Greg has proved incapable of doing his job of managing Metro Animal Services and the city isn’t likely to see a new mayor any time this decade, let’s just take a look at how long there have been problems at LMAS:

Yeah. All those years. All those attempts we made to try improving things only to see everything continue. Only to see constant retaliation from Fischer’s crew directed at those covering LMAS (seriously – Jake hasn’t been able get his dog re-licensed in years) and those volunteering their time to do the right thing.

You can be easily judged based by the way you treat your animals. This city treats its animals so poorly we’re often ashamed to discuss it.

7 thoughts on “LMAS Still A Sinkhole After All These Long Years

  1. Greg Fischer – the alleged business management and inventor expert – needs to get his ass (figuratively) kicked up and down Main Street for allowing this to go on as long as it as. Or possibly (literally) locked in a small cage for two weeks until he develops a serious respiratory infection…..I love it!! Great article. FINALLY the truth comes to light! Thank You

  2. Thanks for the breath-of-fresh-air article! I saw the interview of the volunteer who was ‘suspended’ for a month because she posted “R.I.P Big Red” on her Facebook page after she found out the dog had been euthanized.

    The action taken against her is clearly violation of her First Amendment right of freedom of speech. LMAS said she violated a policy. Her position was not one that required a security clearance. How could “R.I.P. Big Red” be construed as a violation of privacy policy when it didn’t mention LMAS or her volunteer position there? The action taken against her is one of an officious intermeddler.

    If the current management at LMAS doesn’t want compassionate, proactive volunteers spending their personal time trying to help the animals in their care get adopted, it is time for someone, other than them, to evaluate the policies, management and operation of that facility. Has the purpose of that agency been defined and do the people running it know what that purpose is?

  3. Another superbly written article about the LMAS fiasco. Georgann McCrosson, in answer to your question, yes they know what they should be doing, but they’re more interested the image of the shelter and trying to convince people that they don’t kill animals there. Most of their time and efforts go toward stemming any potential damaging stories, real or imagined. The volunteer didn’t violate anything. Their volunteer agreement doesn’t have a word in it about pictures or posting on FB or anywhere else. I’m sure it will now. The fact remains that they don’t want volunteers at that shelter because eventually, something like this always comes to the forefront. The best way to keep that from happening (in their opinion) is to keep volunteers out of that shelter under the premise of volunteer safety. Same story, different set of bosses.

  4. Maybe there ought to be a ‘broader’ housecleaning — to include Mr. Mayor, himself. If he’s responsible for this debacle — then, like Nixon, never learned what Harry Truman’s sign on the President’s desk says, “The Buck Stops Here.”

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