Good Morning Black Leaf Puppies & Rainbows

Abnormal levels of arsenic have been found in two people who live near the old Black Leaf pesticide plant. [WDRB]

Results of blood and urine analysis of 53 people who live near the Black Leaf industrial site are encouraging because only two people had elevated readings, University of Louisville researchers said Saturday. [C-J/AKN]

How many DUIs does it take to get someone off the streets? A Lou. man is behind bars after being arrested after a crash and being charged with his seventh DUI early Thursday morning. [WHAS11]

If you missed it on Friday, we found out that December receipts kind of sucked for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [Page One]

It’s really tough not to roll your eyes about this $200 “come grow some weed” event that was held at the Galt House. [WLKY]

Effective immediately for this year’s graduating class, the required number of credits for a Core 40 high school diploma in Greater Clark County Schools was cut from 46 to 40 at Tuesday’s board meeting. Travis Haire, assistant superintendent, said the move isn’t meant to put diplomas within easier reach for seniors, but to level the playing field with neighboring districts. [News & Tribune]

There may be a smoking ban in the city of Louisville, but smoking hasn’t stopped. Popular hookah bars and restaurants are all the rage. Now, Louisville health officials may be seeking changes to the availability of hookah products. [WAVE3]

You should probably go attend this great discussion at the University of Louisville in late February. History and Homosexuality in the Middle East: A Panel Discussion. [UofL]

Blood and urine tests on residents living near the former Black Leaf Chemical plant show mostly normal levels of two heavy metals. But there are still many unanswered questions. [WFPL]

Never could have predicted any of that. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is juggling his staff dealing with maintenance of city vehicles and buildings in hopes of keeping better track of what his aides say is an overwhelming need for facilities improvements. [C-J/AKN]

My ten-times Great Grandfather John Winthrop was born in England on this day in 1588. Having entered the world soon after the new year, he built his life around new beginnings. [Ambassador Barzun]

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  1. Facilities Maintenance at Metro. Why is there a 150-person maintenance division at all?

    Metro contract database indicates that everything from window cleaning to hvac work to custodial to plumbing is outsourced to the tune of millions of dollars every fiscal year. Including this one.

    If you ask someone in maintenance, they say they need more people. If you look at the labor analysis which the department keeps but doesn’t makke public, you see some pretty horrific percentages about just how many of the 35-hour normal workweek of a maintenance person can be accounted for through work.

    Somebody in this office reported a month or two ago that the Fiscal Court loses heat because the boilers are old. The problem is that the boilers were replaced only three or so years ago –

    The buildings are in terrible shape not because they’re old, but because they are not maintained. When was the last time the Whitehouse flooded and the excuse was “it’s old”, the State building in Frankfort lost heat and they said “well, it’s old”? When was the last time UofL knew that the brick facade on an original campus building was separating from the building and did nothing (like the situation at Fiscal Court)?

    Outsourcing locally would keep the jobs local.

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