Everything With Arena Is Puppies & Rainbows

You’ve been reading our arena coverage for years so you already know that people like Jim King are spinning. [WDRB]

A new Louisville program targets mentally ill stuck in the system’s revolving door. A fter years of being caught in an endless cycle of mental illness, homelessness and stints in jail, 52-year-old Rodney Aubrey sipped coffee in his favorite Dairy Queen recently, trying to be still enough to let someone attempt to help him break that cycle. [C-J/AKN]

Is it too little, too late? Hopefully not. The first of several open houses about a long range transportation plan for Louisville begins. [WHAS11]

Two Kentucky water systems temporarily shut down their intakes early Monday as a plume of the chemical spilled last week in West Virginia passed in the Ohio River. It’ll be in Louisville on Friday, apparently, which should be exciting. [H-L]

One person has been shot after an apparent home invasion in west Louisville. [WLKY]

The vacant plot of land at 10th and Spring streets that has carried the promise of development and will serve as a gateway into Jeffersonville now has a timeline. [News & Tribune]

Ford Motor Company is making a bold move involving America’s best selling truck for the past 32 years. [WAVE3]

Boubonheads are chattering like crazy about this deal. Japanese family-owned drinks firm Suntory is to buy the US beverage group Beam, the company behind the Jim Bean bourbon brand. [BBC]

The plume of a hazardous chemical from a spill that contaminated the water for 9 counties in West Virginia has made it to the Ohio River. But the Louisville Water Company says the chemical doesn’t pose a danger to the region’s drinking water. [WFPL]

News that Maker’s Mark and other Beam products could be sold overseas is getting a lot of its loyal fans talking. [WKYT]

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory has set an attendance record for the fourth year in a row. [Business First]

Pleasure Ridge Park High School principal David Johnson allowed a private business to operate on school property and oversaw nearly $300,000 in expenses that were either improper or undocumented, according to an investigation conducted by the Kentucky Office of Education Accountability. [Toni Konz]

2 thoughts on “Everything With Arena Is Puppies & Rainbows

  1. I wish I could be as blissfully ignorant at the arena officials. Within three years, the Yum Center will be hosting a flea market. Mark my words!!!!

  2. The continued (and deliberate) misinformation of its financial debacle by the Louisville Arena Authority spokespeople (whomever) is getting to the point that is is approaching criminality. There are people all over the nation who have purchased these bonds. They have a right to know the correct story – which IS NOT a ‘manufactured operating profit’. The ACTUAL and REAL P&L HAS TO SHOW the interest expense (which is $22+ million this year. To announce you intend to have an operating profit of $1.6m (when you have not included the interest you’re REQUIRED TO PAY TO THE BONDHOLDERS is DELIBERATE MISLEADING OF THE INVESTING PUBLIC.

    If this continues the Louisville Arena Authority is putting itself (and quite possibly its individual members) in jeopardy with the federal regulatory bodies that supervise “public non-profit corporations” and file PF-990 tax returns.

    Finally, the fact that public officials are participating in this and ignoring the reality is getting to be serious — and if not corrected — will UNQUESTIONABLY destroy the financial integrity of Kentucky’s (and probably Louisville’s) bonded indebtedness for our children and grandchildren. All just to avoid the TRUTH.

    They should be ashamed of themselves.

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