Woo, Another Cable Provider Screwing Louisville

Metro Council Democrats and Marty Meyer hyped the crap out of this one instance of David Yates cleaning up some trash. Four or five press releases, telephone calls, non-stop barrage of hype. He’s apparently trying to raise his profile but it’s not going to happen hyping things like this in such a manner. [WDRB]

He has been called “essential,” and the “linchpin” of Jefferson County’s Family Court, having been there since its inception in 1991. But with state funding eliminating the position of family court administrator across Kentucky, Jefferson County’s Jim Birmingham will retire Dec. 31. [C-J/AKN]

It’s a tradition for Metro Louisville police; taking hundreds of gifts to Kosair Children’s Hospital. [WHAS11]

Louisville is about to get screwed by a cable provider yet again. Charter Communications Inc is preparing to send an offer letter to acquire Time Warner Cable Inc as soon as next week, a source close to the matter said on Friday. [Reuters]

Wednesday marks the eighth Christmas a family will spend without their daughter and mother. Now, just days after the anniversary of that woman’s disappearance, a local police department is putting the heat on that cold case. [WLKY]

The Floyd County Health Department incorrectly charged businesses for temporary food permits to sell beer at festivals and events, the Indiana Attorney General’s Office has concluded. [News & Tribune]

Christmas arrived a little early at the Wayside Christian Mission thanks to help from some of Santa’s little helpers and Congressman John Yarmuth. [WAVE3]

Kentucky had 66,300 construction jobs in November, 2,100 fewer than it had in October and 600 fewer than it had in November 2012, according to a new analysis of U.S. Department of Labor statistics by the Associated General Contractors of America. [Business First]

Why are we locking up people like Oscar Campos? In his 24 years in the United States, Oscar Campos mostly stayed out of trouble. [HuffPo]

As public officials and the media began to scrutinize other coal-ash impoundments around the country five years ago, including one 250 miles away from the Tennessee spill at LG&E’s Cane Run power plant, Louisville resident Kathy Little began to get nervous. [C-J/AKN]

Funds continue to be acquired for a campaign to expand and update the Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center. [WFPL]

The Obama administration has set a goal of ending homelessness among veterans by 2015, but one city reached that mark a year early. Phoenix announced last week that it has eradicated chronic veteran homelessness — making it the first city in the country to do so — after it housed an additional 56 veterans on Wednesday. [Think Progress]

4 thoughts on “Woo, Another Cable Provider Screwing Louisville

  1. Charter Communications is owned By Liberty Media, whose majority shareholder is John C. Malone. Malone, who has been nicknamed “Mad Max” for his business practices, is on the board of the Cato Institute, the well-known libertarian think tank and proganda outfit for the right. It follows that the acquistion of TWC by Liberty would result in a cable company that might not sit well with Louisville’s left wing community. Likely also would be an increased supply of rightist content on the system.

  2. Paul: WoW! You mean there might be some news outlet around here that might challenge someone’s thought process other than the daily dribble coming from the Cardinal Courier at the Belknap Campus?

  3. Jake: Might I just take a moment to say thank you for your remarkable efforts to keep our community informed about ‘the truth’ as opposed to providing it with mediocre high-schoolish ‘dribble’ — a/la the Cardinal Courier. Just this morning (Christmas Day) of the 4-5 major stories in the Cardinal Courier 3-4 of them involve “Go Cards” — whether its a crappy hospital that’s broke or a football/basketball team that’s rich — it’s all pitiful.

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