Let’s Close Our Homeless Shelters! Possibility City!

Jobs lost and people on the street: today we uncover hidden consequences of the government shutdown, still happening in Louisville. Four shelter houses are dangerously close to closing with federal funding in flux. [WDRB]

What was that, again, about the health care game in America not being solely about profit? Riiiight. [C-J/AKN]

This teevee station is back to regurgitating press releases from the Ohio River Bridges Debacle. [WHAS11]

To avoid going negative in its transportation fund, the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. on Monday approved $400,000 from its rainy day fund for diesel fuel purchases. [News & Tribune]

It’s one of the biggest Christmas parties of the year in Louisville. Rep. John Yarmuth was among those drawing numbers for prizes at People’s Rights in Demanding Equality’s annual holiday bash. [WLKY]

Health officials shouldn’t be blaming ignorance, they should be blaming Frankfort. That’s where the problem lies. In Kentucky, numbers of HIV and AIDS cases are rising. Health officials are blaming ignorance. [H-L]

Can you imagine if people in Louisville did this over the “resignation” of the guy at Sunrise? You know, the organization that you tax dollars fund? The one that the Fairness Campaign has said nothing about? Students held a second day of protests in a Seattle suburb on Friday after a Catholic high school asked a popular administrator and coach to resign because he married his same-sex partner. [Reuters]

This sort of thing happens and there are no rewards offered, labor unions don’t freak out, wealthy people don’t panic. And then we get accused of attempting to start a race riot for pointing out the facts. [WAVE3]

The number of Catholic acute-care hospitals has been increasing rapidly, threatening women’s access to reproductive health care, according to a report released by the American Civil Liberties Union and The MergerWatch Project. [ACLU]

Ron Turnier admits he felt he “let down” the NuLu neighborhood when he and wife, Mollie Turnier, decided against building a warehouse and retail operation for their business on a vacant lot they own at Shelby and Market streets. [Business First]

This stuff, sadly, is what the group Hal Heiner is affiliated with wants to use your tax dollars to support. [Wonkette]

A longtime Louisville resident will have perceptions about what’s a “rich” part of town or a struggling part of town—but do the perceptions align with reality? [WFPL]

Though police officials don’t believe it will curb homelessness in the city, the New Albany City Council moved to strengthen laws on aggressive panhandling. [More News & Tribune]

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  1. Chris Hartman spends his time convincing his board he needs Google Glasses instead of doing the right thing for the right reason. This state has no 21st leadership within our borders. I bet anything Frankfort will do nothing about Sunrise. They won’t cut the funding, they won’t make sure the kids are cared for by others. They will ignore it hoping it goes away.

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