Is There Really Less Crime? Or Just More Hype?

Even with the bitterly cold temperatures, some people are still sleeping on the streets. [WDRB]

Gov. Steve Beshear says regulations to implement Kentucky’s new health benefit exchange will move forward despite Republican efforts to block the rules in committee last month. [C-J/AKN]

Why the hell is this news? What in the living crap is wrong with the new News Director? [WHAS11]

Adam Edelen released his audit of Kentucky Retirement Systems. Just like his audit of Montgomery County Schools, it’s severely lacking. And that’s with the 19 findings of significant deficiencies in internal controls over financial reporting. [Page One]

According to the crime stats from police, Louisville is becoming a safer place to live. [WLKY]

Miami-Dade County put up 57,000 liens for sale last year alone — more than any other county in the country, followed by Lee County, Fla., and Jefferson County, Ky., which each offered more than 40,000 liens. [WaPo]

Local law enforcement agencies are teaming up with a major grocer to make sure area children in need don’t go without this holiday season. [WAVE3]

A Kentucky man who was using a public restroom decided to set his loaded pistol on a toilet paper dispenser when the weapon slipped off and shot him in the leg. [HuffPo]

Dozens of people have placed bids on historical items being auctioned by the state. [H-L]

Racial disparities in marijuana arrests have more to do with the neighborhoods where Louisville Metro Police focuses its attention than with race, Chief Steve Conrad says. [WFPL]

Is economic development as simple as getting a direct flight? It certainly could help. [Business First]

Ten years from now the issue will still exist, but on Wednesday, a step was taken to draft a plan to help the homeless. [News & Tribune]

3 thoughts on “Is There Really Less Crime? Or Just More Hype?

  1. Would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting at WHAS when stories were handed out. ‘And you, you get the drugs in the vagina story!’

  2. Headline needs correction: There’s MORE crime and MORE hype that there isn’t as much crime!!! You can add to the ‘crime’ the fact that the local media is completely ignoring the ‘big stuff’ and is wearin’ out that ole City Councilwoman. My goodness she took $30k or something, meanwhile Happy Jerry gave a downtown city block away to Cordish — FOR A SHOPPING MALL!!!!! How’s that ‘shopping mall’ doin’ for ya?

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