Here’s Your Fun Daily Newspaper Moment

Imagine that:

Gannett Co, the parent company of the nationally distributed newspaper, announced on Wednesday that it planned to include pages of USA Today in 35 of its local community papers after a fall test proved successful.

The move, which will happen through the first quarter of next year, will increase USA Today’s circulation, a metric advertisers watch closely. It will also free up resources so the community newspapers can concentrate on local reporting.

“We can now deliver more of the local content that is so important to our readers, while also providing quality national and international news from USA Today,” Robert Dickey, U.S. Community Publishing president, said in a statement.

Possibility City.

2 thoughts on “Here’s Your Fun Daily Newspaper Moment

  1. USA TODAY loses 30% of circulation.
    Doubles news stand price.
    Forces local news subscribers to pay more for local news.
    Pablum wrappers. Third grade students approve.
    Top execs receive new stock options, and competent employees join unemployment line.

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