Gordon Files Suit Over JCPS School Bus Assault

Prominent local attorney, Teddy Gordon, has filed a lawsuit over an assault that occurred on a Jefferson County Public Schools bus.

From a release:

Since JCPS refuses to protect our children from these vicious brutal assaults, once again, the legal system is the only option parents have.

The unsettling question is how many other cases like this have not been reported, and how many assaults are JCPS ignoring.

What makes this case even more appalling is that JCPS has been notified by the Juvenile Court System that there is a no contact order keeping the perpetrators away from the victim. But now JCPS has put one of the perpetrators on the SAME class as this child.

But for the JCPS rigid student assignment plan, this vicious assault was preventable.

There are ten people/couples named in the suit.

It’s such a doozy that there’s no sense in even creating bullet points – just take a look for yourself:


Complete with a request for restraining orders.

Possibility City…?

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  1. Big brothers and/or cousins used to take care of this stuff on the bus or at the bus stop.
    Before it got out of control.

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