Fun Gannett/C-J Rumors To Share With You

We hear through the rumor mill at A Kentucky Newspaper that changes are coming next month. The Butterfly Project is about to land, according to our sources.

There will allegedly be just FOUR sections in the paper, with one of those sections being USA Today material.

No wonder everyone is jumping ship.

It’s a real shame.

5 thoughts on “Fun Gannett/C-J Rumors To Share With You

  1. It is no surprise, and in fact inevitable, due to inaccurate reporting, poor reporting. slanted reporting, and a plain old failure to report.
    When was the last time a public official was indicted due to a Courier reporter doing their job.
    The Courier is irrelevant, and deserves the same fate as any poorly run business.

  2. Gannett bought back $90 million in stock to keep the top exec’s stock options worth more. And let go thousands of employees.

    In Wednesday’s features the wrap was an ad for Careerbuilder.
    “If it was your company’s job to care. They’d be in the caring business.”

  3. Just now seeing this (didn’t write it – see ‘admin’) but have to chime in.

    There *are* C-J folks who do terrific work that leads to real change every single day. Yetter, Konz, Wolfson just to name three.

    Don’t blame the locals – blame Gannett.

  4. I have been expecting something like this. Months ago, I got a survey that kept asking about using USA Today content. It also seemed slanted toward more on-line, too. I hope Gannett can keep their mitts off for a while. I feel Neal Budde can bring some balance if allowed to do the job. He seems to want to bring more local reporting to the table while trying to keep the revenue up.

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