Everything’s Still Puppies & Rainbows, Move Along

It’s tale of two Louisville shopping districts: one seeing a last minute frenzy, the other lackluster sales. The reason(s) everyone but the folks in television and at the newspaper admit: Jerry Abramson and Cordish. [WDRB]

Louisville International Airport is nearing completion of two taxiway projects that airport officials say will make it easier and safer for pilots to access runways. [C-J/AKN]

This is the latest from Possibility City. A man is recovering after being shot in the face in west Louisville. [WHAS11]

The Falls of the Ohio Foundation announced the successful completion of its $500,000 James Graham Brown Foundation challenge grant toward completion of the Crossroads Campaign for New Exhibits. [News & Tribune]

A woman police say robbed the same bank twice and got away with more than $200,000 will spend the next 18 years behind bars. [WLKY]

Will Lexington’s downtown go the way of Jerry Abramson/Cordish? Hopefully not. In 2012, The Webb Companies of Lexington and Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate Inc. of Cincinnati spent $1.7 million buying Victorian Square, a block of restored 19th-century buildings intended to be a mix of stores, restaurants and offices. On Saturday, much of the indoor mall space looked empty, marked by vacant glass storefronts and a chipped, gum-spattered tile floor. [H-L]

Business has taken off at Louisville International Airport, landing it at number seven on the list of world’s busiest cargo hot spots, according to Airport Council International. There are so many other stories we’d love to link you to but WAVE’s web writer is apparently the worst they’ve ever had. From making up county names (McQueen County is not in Kentucky) to leaving out entire sentences in big stories, it’s gotten bizarre lately. [WAVE3]

Remember when we told you a month ago that bond ratings would crumble in December? Sad that it actually happened. So much for a certain Democratic Metro Councilcritter telling us we were wrong. [WFPL]

Television reporters are less trusted than bankers, politicians and lawyers. Specifically, Americans believe they’re dishonest. Which comes as a surprise to exactly no one. [Gallup]

The Comedy Caravan has fallen into comedic hands. We’re trying not to hold our breath but hope this is a great move. [Business First]

Sanctions against the state’s child welfare agency for deliberately obstructing access to public records over child abuse deaths and injuries bring some real sticker shock for Kentucky taxpayers. [C-J/AKN]

3 thoughts on “Everything’s Still Puppies & Rainbows, Move Along

  1. The most inspiring interview I conducted during the writing of my book, “Airball”, was with Dr. Tom Clark. His thesis was that Louisville was ‘slowly’ morphing into Kentucky AND Kentucky’s biggest single problem was that it ‘adored the fruity myth’ and ‘ignored the brutal facts.’ Dr. Clark was speaking of Adolph Rupp – with that thought – in that as long as UofK was winning basketball games “everything was puppies and rainbows” in Kentucky. When IN REALITY THAT MEANT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The same is true, now, with UofL and Yum(!). The ‘fruity myth’ is that it is just ‘wonderful’. The ‘brutal fact’ is that ITS GOING TO BE BANKRUPT and in the process severely damage the “Wall Street” financial credibility of Kentucky AND Louisville. The only way out is for the local university to tear up its contract (that’s sapping nearly $25mm a year out of the arena) and encourage a co-tenant BUSINESS (valued at $500mm) to join them that would guarantee a minimum of 41 home dates + have a taxable revenue stream (front office and player salaries) of $125mm a year — namely an NBA team.

    It can be done, but the local university has to make a decision to honor a “take-off” from JFK’s admonition to all Americans in his inaugural address – “Ask not what the City can do for you, but what you can do for the City.”

  2. Not to monopolize the Comment section – but one other observation is relevant — It would be helpful IF the local council member (of whom you reference) and the Mayor and the other council members would ACCEPT THE FACT THAT the soon to be announced $19mm budget deficit for 2014-15 will include the payment of nearly $10mm to support an Arena that’s slowly sinking into the Atlantic – after having hit the iceberg. In order to do that THE TIME HAS COME FOR THE TRUTH TO BE TOLD BY THE POLITICAL FIGURES INVOLVED AND FOR THE PUBLIC TO DEMAND THAT THE TRUTH BE TOLD.

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