Woah, Tolls Are Bad News Bears. Who Knew???

As colder weather approaches, many residents in our area will have a hard time paying their utility bills. [WDRB]

New Albany plans to file a complaint with the Indiana Utilities Regulatory Commission against Louisville Gas and Electric Co. over alleged development issues pertaining to the construction of a power station near Interstate 265. [News & Tribune]

River Road is one of the most beautiful spots in Louisville and it’s a popular place for bike riders, but concerns are growing over the safety of the road. [WHAS11]

State Senator John Schickel, a Republican, deserves praise for his efforts to combat the growing heroin problem in the Commonwealth. The two nurses on Metro Council, a Democrat and a Republican, should take note and jump on that bandwagon. They could take it a step further and push for needle exchanges. We’re looking at you, Welch & Parker. Buddy up and make it happen. [Page One]

The opening of the Big Four Bridge in Jeffersonville has hit another snag, leaving access to the walking attraction closed on the Indiana side. [WLKY]

Kentucky high school students taking required end-of-course tests this year have two options: take them at a time that won’t crash the online system or do them the old way, using pencil and paper. [H-L]

John Boel just discovered what the entire metro area has known for years. Electronic tolling is not as accurate as it’s billed. [WAVE3]

The latest in a series of delays in the project to build Jeffersonville’s ramp to the Big Four Bridge pedestrian and bicycle pathway will likely push back the opening until next spring — a full year later than first promised, project officials said this week. [C-J/AKN]

Jeffersonville is apparently one of the best cities for young families in Indiana. [Nerd Wallet]

How anyone can agree with Kevin Cosby while being able to read and think for themselves when it comes to Rand Paul is beyond us. [WFPL]

Metro Louisville has the highest number of locations offering Keno drawings in the state, at 71, but Northern Kentucky is showing enthusiasm for the game, too. [Business First]

4 thoughts on “Woah, Tolls Are Bad News Bears. Who Knew???

  1. “The Selling of Public Education”

    The latest fiasco on end-of-year testing shows how far we have gone in the direction of caring less about the ends of education. It is another gross example of the corporatization of public schools, wherein the means of company technology (however deficient) supersede what is best for students.

  2. Novena: It’s amazing how much you and I seem to agree on so many topics. I’ll carry your observation forward to a macro-economic thought. “Corporatization” is the cancer that is effecting this ENTIRE nation, at this juncture. The ills of ‘corporatization’ were the impetus behind Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘trust busting’ legislation in the early 20th Century. He busted it up (many of whom were his friends from New York). It grew like topsy after WWI and we had the Great Depression, passed laws to prevent it AGAIN. Then Bill Clinton signed the legislation that ended the Glass-Steagall Act and 8 years later we had the Great Recession — all due to unrestrained and un-regulated ‘Corporatizism’ of American business and society. Tragic.

  3. “Right on, Highlander!”

    Yes, indeed, we agree a lot on both society and schools (especially UofL). The corporatization of America could also be called “Disaster Capitalism” because that it what it has wrought. The GOP basically wants to do away with public education and is trying to make public schools look like hell whenever it can. Its “silver bullet,” i.e., charter schools, has not shown to be better when one looks at the research as a whole. But it does help private companies–and privatization in school and society is the name of the game for the GOP. BTW, the average income in the US is now about $24,000–not much above the poverty line for a family of four. Just what the GOP loves to see–so long as the 1% are getting their big bucks, even when they are failures (i.e., corporate “leaders” who get golden parachutes for tanking their companies). What a damn country!

  4. Novena: “Disaster Capitalism” by Naomi Klein. I read it – and recommend it highly. You’re on target, again.

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