Why Is LG&E Promoting This Anti-Gay Mess?

Here comes your daily dose of crazy.

This guy at LG&E – Eric Yussman – thought it would be a good idea to invite us (to pay) to attend some energy event at the Southern Baptist Seminary. The most anti-gay, anti-woman, bigoted place in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Here’s the “invitation” – converted from a PDF for your convenience:


Yussman is clearly out of his mind. LG&E-KU is apparently unaware of what’s going on. Or they just have no idea that there are much better places for an event like that.

Unbelievable. Holding an event at the seminary behind every anti-gay effort in the country. In a city that’s so focused on fairness and equality. Using LG&E’s reputation to promote it, no less. If the Fairness Campaign had guts, we’d expect some of them to speak up (don’t hold your breath, as they’ll likely excuse it and take their donations in stride).

For the record: we told Yussman via email that we planned to drag LG&E through the mud on this one and suggested he contact his bosses so they can come up with some spin. We can’t wait to see what sort of lame excuse the PR hacks provide.

4 thoughts on “Why Is LG&E Promoting This Anti-Gay Mess?

  1. I don’t understand…it doesn’t look to me like LGE-KU is sponsoring the event from the ad you uploaded. The only connection I see is that the guy whose organization is sponsoring the talk works at LG&E.

  2. Do you have an inability to discern context or are you just trolling? We’ll go with concern trolling.

    It’s part of a press release from LG&E. The sixth, in fact.

    LG&E is being used to legitimize the organization and event. LG&E’s networks, employees, company time, et al are being used to promote the organization and event.

    For an organization that doesn’t see fit to aid or assist its longtime employees that develop alcohol addiction, this doesn’t come as a surprise. It is quite surprising that a company (PPL) that includes gender identity and sexual orientation in their non-discrimination policy would promote this Southern Batshit Seminary mess and allow their company time and resources to be used while doing so.

  3. As a member of USAEE due to interest in policy and economics, I make it my personal mission to walk around with a t-shirt about feminism and disrupt the peace around SBTS after meetings whenever possible.
    Hate that place.

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