The Arena Is Maybe The End Of The World…?

Moody’s Investors Service has lowered its confidence in the ability of arena officials to repay the construction debt on the KFC Yum! Center, citing the dependence on a special taxing district, high operating expenses and a lease with the University of Louisville that limits the building’s profit potential. Check back here on TVV at noon for the tidbits no one else seems to have. [WDRB]

In a classroom surrounded by elephants, tigers and bears, Kevoni Henderson pondered her assignment — describe how you would survive and interact with other living things if you were an animal living in the temperate deciduous forest. [C-J/AKN]

Residents in Louisville’s Parkland neighborhood continues the progression of their community garden. [WHAS11]

Really? Someone is surprised that Greater Louisville Inc. ran a deficit of $890,364 in 2012? There’s not a snowball’s chance anyone doesn’t believe it. [Damn, GLI]

Pet owners and their furry friends in Louisville got all fixed up Sunday for a special shoot for a good cause. [WLKY]

Here’s how the folks across the river are looking at Kentucky. Kentucky approved its plan to finance the remaining costs for the Ohio River Bridges Project by selling more than $750 million worth of bonds. [News & Tribune]

This isn’t going to work unless our flipping tax dollars pay to provide us with biodegradable leaf bags. [WAVE3]

Does McConnell really want seniors to have to choose between medicine and food? What does he have against the 3 million young adults who have gained health insurance through their parents’ plans? [H-L]

Elementary school assignments are guided by several factors, including the district’s diversity standards and the will of each set of parents. [WFPL]

Every week, Shannon Johnstone goes to the local animal shelter to photograph a dog in need of a new home. [HuffPo]

Leadership Southern Indiana is hosting a breakfast next month that will feature Louisville businessman Ed Hart. [Business First]

The recently appointed US ambassador to the United Kingdom said the special relationship is “crucial to the United States”, despite some friends on both sides of the Atlantic warning him off using the phrase before taking up the post. [The Telegraph]

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  1. “The Seniors’ Choice, Thanks to Mitch”

    Pa Tuck: “Ma, the shingles is killin’ me. I need a doctor fast.”

    Ma Tuck: “Suck it up, Pa. We’re down to nine cans of Walmart cat food and nothin’ else.”

    Pa Tuck: “I wish that darn McConnell catches shingles and can only eat bird seed.”

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