That School Bus Story Still Terrifies Us All

Maybe Greg Fischer should have thought about the bazillions of cities in this state before pushing a local option like crazy? Especially in a city like Louisville that contains tons of other cities within it that happen to be home to a majority of Louisville’s major shopping centers. [WDRB]

A federal judge will rule [this] week on whether the founder of the food charity USA Harvest is competent to face charges that he used money from the organization for personal expenses. [H-L]

Arson investigators are looking for a cause of a fire that happened Saturday afternoon in Fern Creek. [WHAS11]

You read Joe Arnold’s version of the story and were horrified. Now read the paper’s version and get horrified again. The bus that crashed June 11, injuring Waggener High School students returning from a college scouting trip, had tires taken from a scrap bin, had not undergone required inspections and its maintenance and inspection records had been burned, according to portions of a federal safety report. [C-J/AKN]

A southeastern Indiana coroner said a man and a woman whose bodies were pulled from a house fire in Jeffersonville died from gunshot wounds. [WLKY]

The Council for Better Education is asking its members to help fund another study to demonstrate how Kentucky’s education system is being underfunded. [WFPL]

Six adults and three children were transported to area hospitals after a TARC bus collided with a silver car this morning at Jackson and Caldwell Streets. [WAVE3]

The University of Louisville has adopted a “living wage” program that will increase the minimum salary for regular employees to $10 an hour. [Business First]

It’s likely to become a question for neighbors — deal with construction for four to six weeks or have five days of nonstop roadwork outside their windows. [News & Tribune]

As of Friday: 33,561 new Medicaid enrollments in KY, just 7,011 in qualified health plans. 16K+ eligible for subsidies. 41% under 35 years, 32% are 18-35. [Press Release]

Here is how little the Republicans care about the increasingly harrowing situation of the poor: they can’t even be roused to blame President Obama for it—because to do so they’d have to acknowledge that it matters. [The Nation]

4 thoughts on “That School Bus Story Still Terrifies Us All

  1. That’s awful nice of the U of L. Meanwhile, Jimbo Ramsey, Dick Pitino and the Godfather of U of L continue to rake it in hand over fist.

  2. The Tim: Jimbo, Dick and the Godfather all have their ‘day coming.’ As my old man used to say — the farther the monkey climbs up the flagpole, the more people can see his a_ _ hole!!!! Won’t need binoculars on this viewing!!!!!!!

  3. “What in God’s Name?”

    Job, a UofL custodian: “I say it’s a PR ruse–this here little-bitty wage increase. But I bes stop callin’ Ramsey a high-shoe lemon sucker–it’s sumpin’ at lease for all da misery here.”

    Sisyphus, a UofL food server: “You just jealous– work mo’ than da man, and he gets all da glory an coin. That’s God’s will–da man be blessed. And we work in this hell for a what–livin’ wage? We ain’t livin’ nuttin’ like da man, Job. I jealous too.”

  4. Ole Highlander, I’m gonna try and use your old man’s saying in some conversation today. That’s just great.

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