3 thoughts on “McConnell Is Lying About Health Care Again

  1. I’ll be paying about a third of what I’m currently paying, also the coverage is much better and my wifes future knee replacement will be covered instead of being dis-allowed for pre-existing condition (she has trouble with it but not ready for replacement yet) Thanks for your help Mitch, other than bitching about people getting care what have you or your pipsqueak troll buddy ever done to help anything?

  2. “How Can One Tell about Mitch?”

    Voter: “Senator, you’re lyin’ again about Obamacare!”

    Mitch: “I beg to differ. Let me know why exactly you’re calling me a liar.”

    Voter: “Your lips moved.”

  3. Mitch McConnell know in in my house as “The Lipless Wonder” or Howdy Doody. Howdy and that TV whore imp Rand make so much ado about nothing to divert the masses from what is really going on. Can we figure out a way for Kentucky to disown them?

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