Let’s Pretend There Are Transit Options Now

The Audubon Park city council voted Dorn Crawford as the new mayor in a special meeting Thursday night. [WDRB]

It’s just plain offensive that anyone would allow Greg Fischer to pretend that Louisville’s transportation future isn’t already cemented. The Bridges Debacle makes damn sure of that. Light rail and other options? Not now. Not a snowball’s chance in hell. [C-J/AKN]

It is apparent that Barbara Shanklin didn’t learn a thing from her reality check. Frankly, Barbara Shanklin ought to be slapped and you know we oppose violence. Somebody slap that woman! [WHAS11]

The number of homeless students in the United States reached a record high last year, according to new data from the Education Department showing that 1.2 million children had no place to call home. 35,658 of those students are in Kentucky. [PBS]

In a conference room at Kosair Children’s Hospital, a 13-year-old girl flashes a shy smile as she’s introduced by hospital staff and her mother, who is never far away. [WLKY]

Two decades ago, the Council for Better Education’s efforts led to a landmark court decision to strengthen Kentucky schools and to a reform act from the General Assembly. [H-L]

Ever wondered just how jacked up Kentuckians can be when it comes to hating others in the name of religion? Get a load of the comments section on this story about Illinois and gay marriage. [WKYT]

The U.S. Coast Guard is considering a proposal that would allow natural gas drilling companies to transport wastewater from the process via barge. If the rule is approved, it could send these hazardous materials down the Ohio River. [WFPL]

Kentucky State Police troopers returned to scene where a Bardstown police officer was murdered to record a video in an effort to find his killer. [WAVE3]

After reporting another loss when it released third-quarter earnings this week, leaders at Louisville-based Kindred Healthcare Inc. said they again are looking for growth in the coming year. [Business First]

In other words, the Kentucky senators – who both voted to deny cloture and let companies keep firing queers – are urging ENDA better tackle “discrimination” by weakening unions, which will remain the main bulwark against anti-gay firings after House Republicans strangle the bill. The technical term for this is chutzpah. [Salon]

3 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend There Are Transit Options Now

  1. Transportation choices will change quite a bit once we have self driving cars. Light rail is expensive although its pretty cool, but buses don’t need rails, can change routes to accommodate population shifts and are cheaper to operate. Pretty wasteful to own a car and have it sit unused more than 50% of the time, not to mention the space it takes to store one at your house or on the street. Maybe we will have some kind of robo cab operation, you call it, it comes to get you and takes you where you want to go.

  2. The only thing “wasteful” about my car sitting in my own garage 95% of the time is the insurance I have to pay on it. Everyone else benefits from the taxes I pay on it, the fact that it has almost zero emissions, and that it isn’t occupying any space on public roadways. Hey, but it’s there for me if my elderly mother or anyone else has a medical emergency. -Or if I absolutely HAVE to go further than I can walk.

  3. Gary, the time for light rail in the River City has passed. If we were gonna have it, the time would’ve been 25+ years ago. This community is too dependent on their cars for light rail to be successful, and it would cost just as much as the new bridges.

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