11 thoughts on “It’s Another Jerry Abramson Caption Contest!

  1. “I Smell Something Awry Here”

    “Is this stuff from sheep, cows, or some kind of blender? Let me sniff first, boys!”

  2. This is my ‘legacy’ — shovelling a pile of manure for the taxpayers to digest for the next 1/2 century. And, while you’re at it — Madeline doesn’t have time to iron my pants, because she’s too busy trying to help me decide what we’re going to do when I retire.

  3. The Tim: No – he’s not down there, he’s over there in Frankfort running the Public Service Commission — you know — the bunch that’s in charge of utility rates. The only thing he knows about THAT is that the electric bill comes once a month.

  4. I have to keep shoveling this stuff to keep the stupid people in Louisville from figuring out how they got it from me on my water line insurance that I made a killing on . Lucky I had a stupid County Attorney

  5. Terry: What in the world are you talking about? Seems like I remember that the Louisville Water Company is owned by the City, because the City gets a dividend from it every hear. Also seems like I remember that the LWC has its own lawyer who’s chosen by the Mayor.

  6. Then how about this caption. I went to Frankfort to help Gregory to raise the sales 1% because I had taxes so high when I left they had the fourth highest tax burden in the country and the pension fund is in worse shape than Detroits. By the way I was talking about criminal lawyers not business lawyers .And also the the water company just raised your rates to increase the city dividend to help pay for a stadium that the tax payers are on the hook for but nobody will say it.

  7. How about this did you see the news release,Greg had meetings on transportation with everybody from “6 to 96”. His words not mine.Now he will raise taxes and say the taxpayer made the decision.Cute how his picture looks dike he was in high school. If you believe this is a current picture ,then you also believe he invented the ice and beverage dispenser in high school.Amazing guy huh.

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