Are You Relieved That Bus Service Is Closing?

A Jeffersonville couple catches a pair of thieves in the act, and now they want the entire neighborhood to know about it. Their solution — what’s being called the Tree of Shame. [WDRB]

Embattled school bus contractor Commonwealth Bus Service and Transportation will be closing its doors Nov. 30, company president Mary Dunaway told Jefferson County Public Schools in a hand-signed letter. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville Metro Police are investigating after two separate overnight shootings in Louisville. [WHAS11]

Here’s how Congress is making sure poor Americans are going to stay cold this winter. [HuffPo]

Remember when WDRB did this very story a couple weeks ago about GPS ankle bracelets and the jail? Turns out these folks decided to copy it. Because that’s original and exactly what the public needs. [WLKY]

Way to go, Frankfort, for being even more terrible than anyone thought possible. A central Kentucky high school principal says a new interpretation of a state regulation on school-related trips is partly to blame for the cancellation of a trip to Washington, D.C. [H-L]

The North Oldham Fire Protection District is looking for whoever dredged up an offensive posting on social media. The district has launched an investigation into the online comment that involved one of its assistant fire chiefs. [WAVE3]

Mitch McConnell says that the filibuster change is all about health care. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s all about HIM. [TPM]

The New Albany council opposes Indiana’s gay marriage ban amendment. A resolution was approved 7-1-1 to take a stand on the controversial legislation. [News & Tribune]

Just the news Louisville needs: a story about Greg Fischer’s holiday turkey. [WFPL]

As gamblers enjoy more options, Churchill Downs is feeling the squeeze. It’s canceling two races as growing competition draws away fans. [Business First]

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  1. “Cold Days in Amurka”

    Ma Tuck: “Pa, I hear the SOB Congress has really cut our home energy aide programs. We’re left out in the cold.”

    Pa Tuck: “Ma, they don’t give a rat’s ass about us. They’re nice and comfy in their mansions. Maybe we should move to Denmark, where everybody is nice and comfy.”

    Ma Tuck: “Pa, you’re soundin’ more Socialist every day–but I like it!

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