Time To Build An Ark Because The End Is Nigh

It’s considered crude to discuss, but what is often flushed down the toilet was bubbling up out of the manhole covers in the New Broadmoor subdivision Sunday after heavy rains caused flooding in parts of Louisville. [WDRB]

Really? People in Louisville are surprised to find out that Leland Conway is as racist and ignorant as that clump of brain dead meat Mandy Connell? Please. She was apologizing for Mark Foley even after he admitted to his scandal. And she spent her entire time in Louisville attempting to further divide this already segregated city. That timeslot died with Francene. [Joe Gerth]

Torrential downpours caused major flooding in the metro area. [WHAS11]

Kentucky is emerging as the primary battlefield in the war between Republicans and Democrats over President Barack Obama’s health care law. [H-L]

The crazy ass rain even caused all the fun at St. James to close early. [WLKY]

Investors in Yum! Brands Inc., which operates KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, might get a stronger sense of how the company’s China unit is doing as earnings results are released this week. [Business First]

When you hear the record breaking totals, we must also remember those record breaking totals bring along with them heart break. [Dawne Gee]

It’s probably because they despise their hot mess of a mayor. Nearly 20 percent of Jeffersonville residents haven’t paid their sewer bills for at least a year. [News & Tribune]

Amid a banner year for the University of Louisville’s athletics program, some players and parents were seeking out the administration, angry about a coach whose tactics they say crossed the line. [C-J/AKN]

Have a lot of stuff ruined by the flood? Metro Gubmint can probably pick it up for you. [Click the Clicky]

Some Louisville-area residents have begun assessing and cleaning up flood damage to homes and other property. [WFPL]

4 thoughts on “Time To Build An Ark Because The End Is Nigh

  1. The lacrosse coach should be ‘fired.’ Ramsey should take moral charge (at least [financial charge is impossible]) of the [u]niversity he’s supposedly in charge of and ‘not let the door hit this woman on the way out of it.’ Shuffling off the responsibility to Shuffle-it-=off Tommy Turtleneck who shuffled-it-off to Herman who shuffled-it-off to Rutgers’ AD (who Turtleneck hired in the first place, who was hired by Ramsey in the first place — is little more than a circle-jerk of responsibility and accountability. Par for the course for an athletic club masquerading as a university

  2. “Athletic Morality: An Oxymoron”

    Highlander, once again I agree with your sentiments. But asking JR to do something about this (given all that has gone on in the immoral and amoral categories at Belknap) is like asking the Tea Party to accept global warming. The essential problem with this kind of coach is that s/he feels like s/he “owns” the players, thus treating them as objects and not humans. At a university known for its outlaw practices, such treatment is cruel, but not surprising. And the honchos there don’t seem to care.

  3. As long as the coach is winning, putting butts in seats and making money for the athletic dept., he can get away with anything. Right, Dick Pitino?

  4. Mr. Tim: There’s a lot of ‘proof’ existing (unfortunately) with your observation — beginning most recently with PawPaw at Pen.[!] State. Continuing with F.S.U. (a/k/a Football Shoe U), Auburn (and Newton’s $Daddy), USC (whose coach that let it happen is now making millions at the Seahawks). It’s also here in RiverCity – with an athletic department that controls the operation of the [u]niversity (small ‘u’).

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