See? That Committee Stopped All The Violence!

Riders on city buses will be able to use a pre-paid card starting next summer, when the Transit Authority of River City unveils a new electronic operating system. [WDRB]

They’re working hard to combat what Steve Beshear and Greg Stumbo do in Kentucky under the guise of “jobs” (when it’s really just campaign cash and personal income). The governors of Pacific coastal U.S. states and a Canadian province on Monday vowed to collectively combat climate change by coordinating polices that place a price on greenhouse gas pollution and mandating the use of cleaner-burning fuels. [HuffPo]

We’re not a fan of regurgitating press releases like the new folks at WHAS but this contains good information about Churchill Downs’ new lounge that’ll be at Downs After Dark. [WHAS11]

Would you rather live in a society where people die in the streets from lack of a decent meal, or one that dings you a tiny little amount to help those who need a leg up? [Click the Clicky]

The blue coats are set to take over Louisville as the FFA convention returns. [WAVE3]

Jefferson County Public Schools will release its first “equity scorecards” for schools in November, which will delve into academic disparities—in race and language, for example—that have existed in the district for years. [WFPL]

Police said someone fired shots at a Louisville home over the weekend, narrowly missing two young girls. [WLKY]

Did Rand Paul plagiarize his speech from Wikipedia? It sure seems that way, as Rachel Maddow pointed out on Monday. [HuffPo]

The Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence Inc. is making a bid for the 150-acre Standard Country Club property off Ky. 22 in eastern Jefferson County. [Business First]

TARC unveiled its plans for a new fare collection system and wants to know what the public thinks about it. [News & Tribune]

Waterfront officials are taking a first step to extend revitalization of Louisville’s riverfront beyond the section from just upriver of Towhead Island to the Fourth Street Wharf. [C-J/AKN]

3 thoughts on “See? That Committee Stopped All The Violence!

  1. Yeesh – the new TARC transfer policy is a mess. Those who deal in cash, especially the poor, are now facing their transit cost doubling if they have to transfer to a second bus to reach their destination.

  2. I was in San Francisco earlier this year. I rode public transportation a lot. I really liked the “one fare pays for 90 minutes model”.

    If you paid cash, you were given a pass (that you’d better have on you) good for the next 90 minutes – on any of their buses, trolleys, etc.

    They also offer electronic payment, but since I was only there for a week, I didn’t bother with that.

  3. David, that’s basically what Louisville has now, except that in Louisville a transfer is good for 120 minutes. That’s what TARC is getting rid of for cash fares.

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