Metro Council Will Always Embarass Louisville

An in-depth archeological investigation is set to begin this week on land in Jeffersonville, Ind., thought to be home to the city’s founding fort. [WDRB]

Metro Councilwoman Mary Woolridge told others deliberating whether to oust Barbara Shanklin from office earlier this year that she wouldn’t vote to remove her because she is an African-American woman, Councilman Kelly Downard said Wednesday. Mary Woolridge needs to get a damn grip on the crazy. Keeping the woman just because she’s black? She ought to be removed for suggesting something so silly. [C-J/AKN]

Will you ever be able to go for a walk in Louisville without the fear of being killed by a car? [WHAS11]

Really? Merely debating whether or not to push legislative staffers to talk about the sexual harassment they KNOW goes down? [H-L]

Is it just us or does this girl do herself no favors? No clue when her stuff went missing but it’s worth how much? Right. [WLKY]

Republic Bancorp is pulling out of a deal to buy tax preparer H&R Block’s banking arm after withdrawing an application to regulators to convert into a national bank. [C-J/AKN]

Hillview’s police chief, whom federal prosecutors say covered up a mobile meth lab and then lied to the FBI about it, will keep his job for now. [WAVE3]

How is this handshake thing even a news story? It could be the dumbest thing we’ve heard about in weeks. And we have to talk to people in Frankfort every day – so you know that’s saying a lot. [WFPL]

The mean annual climate of the average location on Earth will slip past the most extreme conditions experienced during the past 150 years and into new territory by between 2047 and 2069, depending on the amount of climate-warming greenhouse gases that are emitted during the next few decades, a new study found. [HuffPo]

A new ranking puts Kentucky at No. 27 in the country for tax-friendliness to businesses. It’s doubtful the ranking is even that high. [Business First]

The Democratic Party’s list of candidates for Clark County Sheriff in 2014 keeps getting longer, but you won’t find Mac Spainhour’s name on it. Spainhour, a veteran conservation officer and Clarksville resident, has decided to run independent. [News & Tribune]

3 thoughts on “Metro Council Will Always Embarass Louisville

  1. The taxpayers fund public high school sports, and one of the major selling points is it builds character in students. If coaches can’t bother to teach kids sportsmanship, impulse control and civil behavior, the money will be better spent on academics and the arts. In most countries, sports teams are not part of public education. Maybe we need to change our priorities.

  2. My daughter saw the lady who was hit by the car. She wasn’t at a cross walk because that was very far down by Goose Creek and Westport. She got struck by a car right at the Tarc stop on Westport. Cars fly on Westport Road. I bet the person that hit her was distracted by a cell phone.

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