Louisville SHOULD Leave The Pension System

It may not be obvious now, but work to redevelop Whiskey Row along Louisville’s Main Street continues. [WDRB]

Like we said on Twitter before this was a thing, it’s not happening. Remember, this is Louisville and sensible things do not occur in government. [C-J/AKN]

New details have been released to WHAS11 the night an off duty Louisville Metro Police Officer allegedly shot a man. [WHAS11]

The future just got a bit cloudier for the newspaper industry. A recent news release by Gannett, which owns USA Today and 81 other community newspapers, suggests that the newspaper industry will lose more than $1 billion in advertising revenue this year. [HuffPo]

A local heating assistance program is resuming after being stalled by the partial government shutdown. [WLKY]

A police chief has pleaded not guilty to a federal charge of lying to an investigator about moving a meth lab from an elected official’s property. [H-L]

The builders of the controversial Bluegrass Pipeline said they could not commit to avoiding eminent domain to build the line, although they reiterated that they didn’t plan to condemn properties for their use. [WAVE3]

There is little evidence that employers are sacrificing full-time jobs by hiring more part-timers or reducing existing employee hours because of the costs of providing health coverage under Obamacare. [Reuters]

With $949 million now raised, the University of Louisville is edging ever closer to reaching its $1 billion fund-raising goal. [Business First]

There was an air of anticipation preceding Tuesday’s meeting of the Joint Interim Committee on State Government which was to discuss restoring felon’s voting rights and the need for requiring photo identification for voting in Kentucky. [Ronnie Ellis]

As Kentucky prepares to release the first state-wide results of its kindergarten readiness screenings, education leaders are also emphasizing the need to grow quality early childhood programs. [WFPL]

Opening up its commerce center for a potential megasite was a considered a major move for River Ridge. [News & Tribune]

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  1. “Give Us the Money, We Burn It”

    UofL is very good at raising money–huge capital campaign, a Foundation among the richest in the land, and its honchos like to feed off both. As for providing a really good education–forgetaboutit!

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