Latest Fun Things We Hear From LMAS

We hear through the grapevine that Sadiqa Reynolds and Margaret Brosko are having fun at Louisville Metro Animal Services these days.

The latest? Ignoring background checks at Animal House for potential adopters as long as someone has the money to pay necessary fees. No vet checks, no landlord checks (unless it’s deemed an aggressive breed), no checks to determine an individual’s status as an animal abuser or dog fighter. The informal policy went into affect on September 26, though Brosko and crew will only confirm it to us off-the-record. They’re afraid of backlash from Reynolds and keep telling us they never receive our open records requests, despite read receipts and USPS confirmations, of course.

We’ve already discovered at least one instance of Animal House employees being forced to adopt out a Pit Bull to a guy who was drunk. None of the adoption coordinators wanted to process things so Margaret Brosko handled it herself. All of the staffers have been threatened and they’re afraid they’ll lose their jobs if they speak up or so much as express concern.

This is just a way to increase adoption rates by lowering the bar. Rather than having to do what they’re actually paid to do. Rather than promoting the facilities your tax dollars fund.

We’ve also received details about shenanigans involving WLKY. A dog hoarder’s group of animals were brought to LMAS facilities and were in need of adoption. Without promoting them, they’re obviously going to be euthanized and burned in the incinerator. But Margaret Brosko refused to allow WLKY’s Lauren Adams access to the facility. Without access, Adams’ boss (Glenn? Really? Get a grip.) refused to run a story. We also hear the story may have been pulled after pressure from Sadiqa Reynolds, which wouldn’t surprise anyone. But no one at WLKY will confirm or deny.

But here’s the real issue: LMAS is a municipal facility and cannot refuse access to taxpayers unless there’s a public health situation or the facilities are closed. And WLKY caved to pressure.

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  1. Sadiqa took a class taught by Tommy Turtleneck. It’s title was “How to be an a_ _ hole and have everyone think you’re wonderful.”

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