5 thoughts on “Greg Fischer And Papaw Beshear Had A Party

  1. Louisvilles tax burden is now one of the highest in the nation,(4th ,no kidding GOOGLE and see , Gregs office will swear what you read is not true.)Try it I did and someone kept telling me NO WAY that has to be wrong.Tell is how high it will be then Mr. Mayor HIGHEST. Oh you may as well admit it will be to pay for the stadium the Stadium that HAS NEVER MADE A PROFIT. FOR REAL

  2. “Bridges on Untroubled Water”

    “You see this bridge, my friends? Open your eyes wide, because I will not stop until we erect two more of these lovelies between here and Indiana! We are the Possibility City, my friends! We think in a BIG way here! Really BIG, my friends!”

  3. Today 10/26/14 Yahoo.com has an article on the 10 cities with the highest tax burden .The number 10 city is Baltimore M.D. According to the U .S. government number 4 is Louisville K .Y. How broke are we Greg. Whats after your sales tax increase Mr. Mayor ,number one highest in the nation?. Get in line for bankruptcy behind Detroit .That’s where we are headed.

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