Fun Transparency Issues With The Zoo Again

We’ve written sporadically about the Louisville Zoo, its director, the efforts to privatize many operations in an attempt to screw the employee union and even secret meetings held at Debbie King’s office (which freaked her out so badly that she begged us to meet her in person – because she knew that wasn’t a good idea).

So here’s the latest fun involving the gift shop.

It’s been turning a profit, meaning the zoo makes money (there are actually people who have asked what that means, so this Captain Obvious moment is necessary). So what’s the director do? Turn over operations to a for-profit business called Service Systems Associates, allowing it to reap the benefits of the city’s hard work. Meaning your tax dollars built the operation for a group of shareholders to then profit. Debbie King and crew rubber stamped it.

Metro employees who work at the gift shop are transitioning to employment with SSA and have been advised that the company will pay into the state retirement system for them. The union, though, doesn’t have much information about their future.

Open records requests for a copy of the contract have been denied because the city claims the bid is still open. That’s despite employees who have been told the contract goes into effect on November 1.

So what’s the deal with the zoo folks (Hi, Debbie!) and Metro Government attempting to hide details of this transition?

Transparency? Haha, right.

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3 thoughts on “Fun Transparency Issues With The Zoo Again

  1. Let me get this straight, a PRIVATE company is going to pay into the KRS? Huh? Is that even legal? They aren’t even quasi-government.

  2. By Google search..the zoo’s Assistant Director, Thomas Kaferle, used to work for Service Systems Associates…I am sure there is no conflict of interest in the bid process there!!!

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