No Wonder The Public Was Passive On Bridges

So this is a thing?

There needs to be an “official” station for regurgitating Ohio River Bridges Debacle press releases?

No wonder WHAS11 folks are bitter these days. This kind of crap and the new ND pushing actual journalists to cover hyped up nonsense.

7 thoughts on “No Wonder The Public Was Passive On Bridges

  1. Hear that funny sound? That’s Old Man Bingham spinning in his grave as his once and mighty TV station slips further and further into mediocry.

  2. Jeff: WDRB already has. Despite the one shitbird they’ve hired, everyone else is stellar.

    Here’s betting that doesn’t last long, though, because their model won’t support it.

  3. The Tim: That ain’t the only reason why ‘ole Barry is making a ‘turning noice’ in his grave. His real ‘baby’ was the newspaper — and it’s biggest rivals now are the “Cardinal Chronicle” (at the local university) and the “Danville Bugle.”

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