Scandals Now In Frankfort Instead Of Louisville

The University of Louisville has announced a huge gift to expand its athletic facilities. [WDRB]

A city official has pledged that a Tuesday deadline to have the houses occupied will be met, but the niece of New Albany City Councilwoman Diane McCartin-Benedetti won’t be purchasing the Midtown home she had intended to buy. [News & Tribune]

Minority students made up a record portion of SAT test takers in 2013, and blacks and Hispanics improved on the U.S. college entrance exam but still lagged in demonstrating they are ready for college, the College Board said on Thursday. [Reuters]

A Kentucky legislator is calling for an investigation of House Speaker Greg Stumbo and other Democratic House leaders after a legislative employee said it was Stumbo’s office that ordered her transferred to another job after she complained of sexual harassment. Sen. Kathy Stein, D-Lexington, said the investigation is necessary if legislators want to regain the public trust. [C-J/AKN]

Residents in the midwest region have been reporting sightings of an apparent meteor across the morning sky. [WHAS11]

Preserving history isn’t going to pay for itself. Oh, wait — sometimes it is. The recent rise in the popularity of bourbon has given the Louisville-based Filson Historical Society a chance to raise revenue through a program called the Filson Bourbon Academy. [Business First]

Park leaders showed off progress on the new Kentucky Kingdom on Thursday. [WLKY]

If you missed the Matt Taibbi story about pension corruption yesterday, here’s your reminder to read it again. [Rolling Stone]

Taibbi has even more to share on the issue in a follow-up story. [More Rolling Stone]

You can’t even go outside these days without getting beaten with sticks. [WAVE3]

You know we get what’s going down with Pew and the Arnold Foundation. We’ve written about it for years. [Page One]

12 thoughts on “Scandals Now In Frankfort Instead Of Louisville

  1. “The Card Athletic Club Gets Richer”

    Prof. Nosuprisa: “How about that huge gift for the athletics weight room?”

    Prof. Nonplussa: “Maybe we’ll next get a roof on Papa John Stadium.”

    Prof. Nosuprisa: “Yeah, but how does that help the academic side and our never-ending failure to get Phi Beta Kappa status?”

    Prof. Nosuprisa: “Hell, the wider public knows the football stars here, but never heard of PBK. They need to be educated, as do our students.”

  2. Jake: You’ve got to start referencing the local athletic club with a small [u]. It will become a REAL University about the same time as Warsaw erects and dedicates a museum to its first Polish war hero.

  3. I’m sort of partial to Tadeusz Kościuszko myself, although Casimir Pulaski did get a county named after him in Kentucky (amongst other things).

  4. Mr. Puckett: They were both Polish warriors (who were significant in America’s Revolution) I’m partial to them, too, for what they did for USA, but they weren’t very effective in Poland. Both lost battles to Russia (and Koscuiszko’s loss actually cost Poland its nationhood for nearly 150 years between late 1700s and early 1900s). Catherine the Great whooped his ass.

  5. Agreed, Kościuszko didn’t fare quite as well after his efforts in America, although Pulaski had some early success with the Bar Confederation before things fell apart and he was recruited by Benjamin Franklin for the Continental Army.

    (believe it or not, all of that without the aid of Wikipedia 🙂

  6. “On Polish Military History”

    At least the comments above have provided more in terms of education than the new weight room ever will.

  7. Mr. Puckett: My offerings were derived from my 100 volume library on pre-Tsarist, Tsarist, Communist and post-Communist Russia. It is quite clear that Koscuizko had his ass handed to him by Catherine the Great and Prussia’s Frederick William in a classic pincer-movement, which resulted in the 3rd Partition of Poland erasing it (as a European nation) from the middle 1790s to WWI. Not a particular “Polish War Hero.”

  8. Novena: Can you imagine the confusion in the [u]niversity’s weight room when the question arises — what’s the difference between Prussia, Russia and Persia. 75% would conclude there’s no difference.

  9. “Too Bad Ramsey Is Not Polish”

    If he were, we could erect a statue of him with a shovel (digging you-know-what in front of the weight room). It would be a fitting monument on his retirement.

  10. I would suggest a bronze of Combover with a bunch of flies flying around his head – sorta like Peanuts in the cartoon. That would be equally fitting.

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