Louisville. Healthiest City In America. HAHAHA.

A day after he was picked up by police, Josh Young tells WDRB he has now been released from the Jefferson County Youth Center. [WDRB]

Nearly 49 million Americans live in food insecure households. But we’re allow Republicans to kill food stamp programs left and right. [NY Times]

Jesus H, when will Greg Fischer quit it with this “best in America” crap? Louisville is not and will never be the healthiest city in America. [WHAS11]

A spokesman for a company building a pipeline through Kentucky says the proposed route would avoid land owned by a group of Roman Catholic nuns who have been outspoken opponents of the underground line. [H-L]

The Kentucky-Indiana tolling body held a public meeting Thursday morning to discuss toll rates for the Ohio River Bridges Project. But that didn’t happen. [WLKY]

That’s right – teabagger Matt Bevin is now saying he is not and has never been a part of the Tea Party. [The Hill]

Some local teenagers caught up in a human trafficking ring are free and police say they have the adults responsible behind bars. [WAVE3]

With the needed money cobbled together from numerous sources, the iconic teepee-shaped Hogan’s Fountain pavilion in Cherokee Park will soon get a long-awaited new roof. [C-J/AKN]

A downtown management district is being proposed in Lexington to focus on beautification, location signs and other improvements. [Business First]

The Kentucky Center spent more than $100,000 on a project that was supposed to take the performing arts venue to the next level. [More WDRB]

An employee of the Clark County Government Building appeared for a hearing Thursday in Clark County Circuit Court No. 3 after being charged earlier in the week. [News & Tribune]

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  1. As long as Greggie keeps allowing Metro employees to be treated like serfs and hiring “Directors of This and That”, Louisville is neither healthy or compassionate.

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