Have You Heard The Latest From Alison Grimes?

Possibility City! Where it’s super-possible to die as a pedestrian or cyclist. A bicyclist was struck by a car and killed on Preston Highway early Wednesday. [WDRB]

This won’t end well for Louisville. The Metropolitan Sewer District on Monday approved taking on another $100 million in long-term debt to help finance its major sewer system renovation. [C-J/AKN]

More than 200 people came out to Bon Air Library on Tuesday night, Sept. 24, to oppose a so called social club named Fringe Elements. [WHAS11]

More than a million homeowners living in older houses along the coastlines and riverbanks of the United States are being jolted by federal flood insurance rate hikes under a law passed in the wake of devastating storms. [Reuters]

Dozens of felines are being released back into local neighborhoods to help control the pet population. Resident Mike Harvey said a Metro Animal Services truck pulled up in south Louisville on Tuesday and dumped six kittens, including one whose stomach is still raw from being neutered. [WLKY]

A decision by the National Institutes of Health to begin retiring federally owned chimpanzees used for biomedical research means that some of those animals might come to the Primate Rescue Center in Jessamine County — provided that the issue of funding can be resolved. [H-L]

Jefferson County Public Schools administrators, working on a tight timeline to make changes to struggling schools, got mixed reactions to their plans from parents Tuesday. [WAVE3]

State Rep. Jim Wayne is the only reason we know about a scandalous secret deal involving the Louisville Arena Authority and the Kentucky Fair Board. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Only 1.95 percent of mortgage loans in Louisville were in foreclosure in July, a decrease of almost a percentage point from the 2.83 percent rate in July 2012, according to Irvine, Calif.-based CoreLogic, a provider of business research and analysis. [Business First]

Now Alison is just trying to lose the U.S. Senate race. Not only are her elderly advisers too stupid to realize they have no clue how to run a federal race but they’re allowing her to do crap like this. Just bizarre-o. It’s like she wants to be portrayed as too stupid to breathe. Her mother needs to step in right away to shut her dad up. [C-J/AKN]

Chuck Adams is still working for the Clark County Sheriff’s Department, though his duties have changed a bit in the wake of allegations that caused him to suspend his campaign for sheriff. [News & Tribune]

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  1. So LMAS is just dumping newly spayed/neutered kittens back in the streets without ensuring they’ll have food and water, never mind being kept safe from predators and traffic? When I took a feral cat from my neighborhood to the SNIP clinic last month, I had to sign a form stating that I’d continue to provide food and water for her once I released her after spay surgery. Why is LMAS any different? I’m hoping that story is missing a lot of details about this new program, but I doubt it.

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