Does Everyone Get Rich Under Jim Ramsey?

The wife of slain Bardstown Police officer Jason Ellis is thanking the Nelson County community for the weeks of support. Amy Ellis released a letter early Thursday through the Fraternal Order of Police. [WDRB]

Two potential developments near the Ohio River in Jeffersonville received mixed responses from the City Council Monday night. [News & Tribune]

The premiums for coverage available on the health insurance exchanges created by President Barack Obama’s health care reform law will vary widely from state to state, according to a new Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of data published by 17 states and the District of Columbia. [HuffPo]

Motorists may be about to find out how much it will cost to cross two Ohio River bridges being built between Kentucky and Indiana. [WHAS11]

Technical glitches still plague the display of new healthcare plans to be offered to millions of uninsured Americans starting in 26 days, including how medical charges and deductibles are listed, industry officials say. [Reuters]

Louisville police say they took Joshua Young into custody Wednesday after he took off from and evaded police at Schiller and Kentucky streets. [WLKY]

Oh wow, the craziness never, ever ends in Kentucky. The Internal Revenue Service says the executive director of a medical department at the University of Louisville wrote checks to himself possibly in excess of $2 million since 2007. [H-L]

Building changes downtown are pushing the homeless population into local neighborhoods and onto doorsteps. Now, police and politicians are working to keep both the homeless and homeowners safe. [WAVE3]

Really, how the hell does UofL get by with so many damn embezzlers?! People with that kind of money rarely behave that way. Should have sent up crazy red flags from day one. [C-J/AKN]

Norton Healthcare Inc. has responded in writing to a contentious legal letter sent by the University of Louisville about a week ago. [Business First]

This sounds like something Louisville would love to do. More cities are sweeping the homeless into less prominent areas. [NPR]

8 thoughts on “Does Everyone Get Rich Under Jim Ramsey?

  1. “Corruption in Academe (CIA) Award”

    “For the most consistent, blatant examples of graft and corruption in academic life during the past decade, the CIA Award goes to . . .”

  2. “The Commonwealth’s Sore Academic Eye”

    Card Land continues to bring huge embarrassment to the Commonwealth, as the latter sits lamely in mortification ad nauseum. When will its timidity cease? Will it ever investigate? Or does the Numero Uno know too much about the sheep-like politicos?

  3. I find several things about this newest money heist from the local [u[niversity [small u] to be concerning. #1 Where is the ‘outrage’ at the Board of Trustees’ and Gubernatorial level? AND #2 Where is the ‘outrage’ in this city? This blog ought to be filled with outraged citizens. I’ve noticed this previously — you can always depend on the appropriate outrage from Novena and often from The Tim — BUT COME ON FOLKS. How many Willie Suttons have to be uncovered before somebody in a position of authority bring this idiotic administration to its heels. The local [u]niversity is establishing itself as the laughing stock of the nation’s academia.

  4. In fairness, we don’t approve 99.9999% of comments. And I barely read any of them, so… that accounts for a lot of it. Looks like there are 30-some waiting for approval on this particular post awaiting approval.

    We also tend to neglect this site to focus on Page One, which is a bad admission to make but it’s true.

    For everyone else? They’re numb, don’t care, think it’s common practice. People were outraged over Felner because he was a hot mess, running roughshod over most people… and because I made it (critics can like it or not) an issue that people were forced to deal with.

    It’s even tough for me to be outraged at this point.

  5. “A Sad State of Affairs at the U”

    Jake, I’m sorry to see that you appear to be weary of the fight against Scandal U. You acted with persistent courage on the Felner affair. Please do not succumb to continuing scandals because they have become so common that you take them as the natural order of things at the U. Hannah Arendt called it the “banality of evil” that makes us think that way–to the detriment of all who seek to overcome injustice. That journey is never easy, but worth the struggle.

  6. Can’t say I’m giving up on it… just pretty numb to the insanity that goes on there.

    Most in Kentucky just turn their heads or their eyes glaze over.

  7. I have/had family and friends who work/worked at the U of L Athletic Club. I hear about the problems regularly. For job sake, they can’t speak out so I speak out for them.

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