You Excited To Pay Tons For Bridge Tolls?

Metro Corrections is expected to move inmates from the old jail where they were being held to relieve overcrowding back to the main jail sometime Tuesday. [WDRB]

Sharp opinions on the federal Affordable Care Act were aired Tuesday in Lexington at a U.S. Congressional field hearing and at a news conference by two conservative groups that said U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell should do more to block the law. [H-L]

With construction well underway on two new Ohio River bridges we’re getting a new look at how the tolling may work. [WHAS11]

It sure is fun reading talking points provided by Gannett executives to explain continued cuts. [Gannett Blog]

The public is hearing the 911 calls made after a UPS plane crashed in Birmingham. [WLKY]

Louisville is one of the ten best places in the country to live. Louisville, Colorado, that is. [HuffPo]

With back to school and all the activities surrounding it, this is a busy time of year for a lot of families. Horse racing fans can add one more event to the calendar. [WAVE3]

The toll rates for the Ohio River Bridges Project are to be revealed at a meetingnext week, Kentucky officials said Monday. [C-J/AKN]

The Clark-Floyd Counties Convention-Tourism Bureau and the town of Clarksville have made a $300,000 contribution to a capital campaign that is raising funds for improvements and new exhibits at the Falls of the Ohio State Park in Southern Indiana. [Business First]

Nawbny will just cold eminent domain you in order to build a swimming hole these days. [News & Tribune]

Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday is calling the next legislative session a “make or break year” for education in the state. Spoiler alert: it’s a break. [WFPL]

3 thoughts on “You Excited To Pay Tons For Bridge Tolls?

  1. I’ve noticed that seems to be the case for other Louisville’s as well, at least in Georgia and Nebraska.

  2. In many discussions in the media about the bridge tolls, they throw around what sounds like a “name brand” for transponders or other devices that will track tolls owed. Have they already awarded a contract to the toll takers without having established the toll?

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