Can Barbara Shanklin Be An Effective Leader?

PEE ALERT! Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin is talking for the first time since narrowly escaping being voted off the council. Despite the recent controversy, Shanklin says she believes she can still be effective. [WDRB]

A program that teams higher education with primary schools is coming this fall to another public school in Jefferson County. [WFPL]

Stop us if you’ve heard the story about a man who thinks his genitals are a weapon… [WHAS11]

The city has received just one offer to redevelop the old Colonial Gardens complex across from Iroquois Amphitheater in southern Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

Protesters call for Obama’s impeachment. A small group gathered on an Interstate 65 overpass Saturday afternoon to protest President Obama. [WLKY]

Metal was submerged under the murky waters of the Ohio River on Thursday and drilled into the river bed. [News & Tribune]

Here’s hoping the community steps up to pay for this kid’s funeral. A day before his funeral, the family of a murdered 17-year-old said they still do not have all the money needed to lay him to rest. So, friends of Darius Miller Jr. decided they would be able to raise some quick cash by having a car wash. [WAVE3]

Tabitha and Lucas Rainey were beginning to get suspicious. The staff at Kentucky Children’s Hospital kept telling them their infant son, Waylon, was recovering well from surgery. There had been a few bumps in the road, to be sure, but they said that was normal for a baby born with a severe heart defect. [CNN]

The University of Kentucky issued a non-response to the CNN coverage. Still missing from most of the discussion is Michael Karpf, his role in illegal organ transplantation involving (not remotely kidding – we’ve covered this) the Japanese mafia and other foreign rogue agents and the toll it took on UCLA. [H-L]

Could the local newspaper be trying to jack its rates up 40% again? Seems to be happening across the board with Gannett. [Gannett Blog]

Former Indiana schools chief Tony Bennett has asked the state’s inspector general to investigate the Department of Education’s actions during his tenure after resigning as Florida’s education commissioner. [More WFPL]

Churchill Downs Inc. has selected La Grange-based Encompass Develop Design & Construct LLC as the general contractor for its latest VIP seating project. [Business First]

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  1. $33.00 is too much to pay for toilet paper, so Gannett would be advised not to make the same decision around here with the local bugle that it’s made with the Des Moines newspaper.

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