Is 2X Worth A “WARNING”? What On Earth?

Looks like the Southwest Youth Soccer League has some fun, ahem, thoughts.

Check this out – was just posted on their Facebook page:


Are they afraid of folks because they’re holding a vigil to honor someone’s life?

Or for some other reason?

Possibility City!

2 thoughts on “Is 2X Worth A “WARNING”? What On Earth?

  1. I tried to find information about Anthony Smith on the metro gov page but couldn’t find his office.
    Anybody know? Is he still the director of safe neighborhoods? I’m wanting to call the office and obtain his plan for stopping the violence since his position was create at $70+ a year. It’s not working and questions should be raised.

  2. Smith is assigned to Public Health & Wellness as the director of violence prevention, according to Metro government’s salary search page. You’re not the only one questioning the creation of the position. According to WFPL, so are members of the Metro Council.

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