The Latest Juicy Lawsuit Involving UofL Officials

Have you read the latest about two University of Louisville big dogs? David Dunn, the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs and Russell Bessette, Associate Vice President for Health Affairs, are knee-deep in a fun lawsuit.

Here you go:

Two doctors who were major players during the heyday of the UB 2020 craze are now suing the State University of New York at Buffalo and the SUNY Research Foundation for attempting to steal intellectual property.

Dr. Russell Bessette, former UB associate vice president for health sciences (and executive director of the Institute for Healthcare Informatics), and Dr. David Dunn, former UB vice president for health sciences, both left UB in 2011—part of a mass exodus that included former UB president John Simpson. Dunn took a position at the University of Louisville as executive vice president for health affairs in July, and then welcomed Bessette as associate vice president for health affairs at U of L in December of that year. Like UB, the public University of Louisville has its own strategic plan, called, you guessed it, “The 2020 Plan: A blueprint for continuing on our path to national prominence.” They’ve been doing a lot of groundbreaking and construction around their medical school. Synergy, innovation, the whole bit. It’s like a parallel universe. But then, there are more than 70 universities in the US and around the globe using the “2020” moniker to label their various strategic plans.

“The use of informatics is essential to allow health care providers, health systems and health-insurance plans to work together to increase access to higher quality health care at lower cost. Dr. Bessette’s proficiency in this area will help us as we face a tumultuous time in health care and academic medicine,” Dunn was quoted as he welcomed his colleague to his new post in Kentucky.

They are now partners in a new venture called Health DataStream, Inc. (HDS), a Delaware corporation with its principal place of business located in Louisville.

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Because it’s sure to get even more exciting.

2 thoughts on “The Latest Juicy Lawsuit Involving UofL Officials

  1. “More Scandals at UofL? Pull the Plug!”

    Medical hocus-pocus, strategic plans (who ever really reads them?), “path to national prominence” (are you kidding?). synergy (the most over-used PR term in the bidness), innovation (the now oldest PR word), informatics (a bastardized version of “information technology”), mathematical algorithms (makes one sound really expert), and Q SCORES (man, how precise can one get?).
    I’ll say this: the accused UofL medicine men know how to sling the bull with the best magicians and high priests of academe. I am sure that their blueprint will forge a further ongoing destiny for UofL–as the School of Scandal Par Excellence.

  2. Time for another ‘pay=raise’ for Ole’ Comb-over. Seems like each time a local university [sic] personage gets their ass sued or gets indicted, Ole’ Comb-over gets a raise.

    There’s no telling what he’ll get when the NCAA gets finished dealing the punishment to Coach Hurrtt for all the ‘baloney’ he pulled off at Miami U, before Coach Strong-armed he into coming to the local university with his ‘already’ 12 recruits (namely Teddy Bridgewater). Guess the NCAA’s waiting for the football season to get started so it’ll be BIGGER news.

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