Louisville Turns Into Mini Chicago Murder Town

Metro Police are investigating a triple stabbing in an East Louisville neighborhood. [WDRB]

Conservation is driving up water rates in Louisville? Louisville Water Co. officials never talk about conservation — not that it has mattered. Water use has declined on its own. [C-J/AKN]

There have been six homicides discovered in the Louisville Metro area in the past five days. [WHAS11]

A full-time minimum wage worker whose job whose job required crossing the Ohio River everyday would have to work 69 hours to pay the tolls on new bridges being built in Louisville. [KFTC]

Louisville police are investigating a rash of burglaries while families are attending funerals for their loved ones. [WLKY]

Eight years ago, Canadian Jim Tibbatts received immigration status that allowed him to teach in Bluegrass Community and Technical College’s automotive collision repair program. [H-L]

No one is surprised by what Tony Bennett did in Indiana. Remember the mess with Greater Clark County Schools? [WFPL]

The increase in violence in the Metro has city leaders concerned. Because so few of these murders seem to be truly random, it may be easy for some to think they happen somewhere else, to someone other than them. [WAVE3]

Kentucky Lottery officials have begun recruiting retailers, restaurants and bowling alleys to offer keno, a bingo-style game that holds drawings every few minutes. [H-L]

Two plazas, an arc of Kentucky coffee trees lining a bench-filled promenade and a lawn with a berm where people could sit and watch movies projected onto the surface of a bridge pier are proposed in a “mini master plan” for land under the Big Four Bridge. [C-J/AKN]

University of Louisville president James Ramsey will award the 2013 Presidential Medal to several local businesspeople and a charitable trust during a private ceremony next month, according to a news release. [Business First]

Mmm hmmm. Former Indiana school Superintendent Tony Bennett built his national star by promising to hold “failing” schools accountable. But when it appeared an Indianapolis charter school run by a prominent Republican donor might receive a poor grade, Bennett’s education team frantically overhauled his signature “A-F” school grading system to improve the school’s marks. [News & Tribune]

6 thoughts on “Louisville Turns Into Mini Chicago Murder Town

  1. The toll issue is sort of crazy.

    Instead of creating a bureaucratic bottleneck, and another way to wildly miss on projected specific-purpose revenue, how about merely printing and distributing local maps that highlight the Sherman-Minton and Clark Memorial bridges?

    The tolls are only to be placed on the two new bridges, along with the rebuilt JFK. The JFK currently is not a route anyone in a hurry would ever want to take anyway. Chances are, people won’t even have to alter their current routes to avoid tolls.

    This is just a ridiculous argument. Instead of wasting time and air on this, people who can’t figure it out on their own should just be reminded of the obvious.

  2. “UofL Loves Big Pockets”

    Nothing against those who will receive Presidential Awards from UofL (even infamous Mrs. Helmsley liked animals, if not people), but when will the University give such honors to more humble folks who actually had the courage to do good? For example, civil rights workers, urban educators, peace activists, and the like. Oh, I forgot–they did give big money to the Foundation.

  3. I’m guessing those people would receive a different award.

    I’m not one to defend inept and self-serving government administrators, but that would be like awarding the Vince Lombardi (Super Bowl champs) trophy to an NBA team.

    I can’t find a list of awards the university has conferred upon others for the things you speak of, but there isn’t a direct link to a comprehensive list of the Presidential Award conferees either. I did find a short list that included Jerry Abramson (they give awards for merely taking credit for things other people do? Maybe it was to note his prolificacy in this area) and the arena authority. What real person would want to be on that list anyway?

  4. Earl: Wonderful observatons about profligate awards for profligate gifts to an athletic club that masquerades as an institution of higher learning. Noted that Forbes magazine has recently ranked American universities based upon a formula designed to determine the value of the educaton a student receives for the tuition/room & board cost of that education. Interestingly the local university has a quite low cost ($20,000) YET it still ranks 454th out of 600 American universities.

    Kinda makes one wonder why would anyone even go there unless they were there to play a sport.

  5. “Paying for What?”

    Highlander, good point! Given its low academic ranking, one would guess that most of its big donors give the bucks for athletics. As you say, is a new name in order: Louisville A & T (Athletics & Training)? “Training” instead of “education.”

  6. Novena: Louisville A&T — that’s it. I have a suggestion — L.T&T should sell its academic side to Spaulding and let it devote the attention that’s required to elevate the academic product — and leave the A&T part at Papa-Johns.

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