25 Years? Drug Dealers Get Tougher Sentences

The man charged with murdering a Sullivan University student took a plea deal Monday afternoon and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. [WDRB]

The Sellersburg Police Department was involved in a nearly five-hour standoff Sunday night with a man wielding a samurai sword, police reported. Moral of this story: Sellersburg is a hot mess. [News & Tribune]

Go listen to Andrew Compton’s poor mother share her thoughts with the court. Lowly pot dealers have gotten more prison time that that worthless blob. [WAVE3]

Jefferson County Public Schools is raising its dropout age to 18, joining more than 80 school districts across Kentucky and nudging the state closer to making the requirement mandatory for all public schools. [Toni Konz]

Need something related to the Kentucky Retirement Systems to melt your brain today? Strippers and embezzlement should do the trick. [Page One]

Supporters of a U.S. immigration reform bill are launching a push for the legislation this week that includes phone calls to lawmakers from Catholic bishops, visits to Capitol Hill from high-tech lobbyists and an ad blitz sponsored by organized labor. [Reuters]

Kentucky Derby winner Dust Commander reached his final resting place Monday, a few yards from the Churchill Downs track where he earned his greatest victory. [H-L]

A Jeffersontown day care worker is facing a charge of child abuse after police said she was caught on video grabbing a 5-year-old and dragging her across the floor. [WHAS11]

A plan by the Louisville Metro Council to bring back a pair of junk pickup and street sweepings in the Urban Services District will go forward despite reports that a “budget glitch” made restoration impossible. [WFPL]

Major interstate closures are on the way as the Ohio River Bridges Project takes another step forward. Commutes will definitely be a bit more challenging and drivers will need to be prepared for delays for the duration of the project. [WLKY]

Humana Inc., which vacated its space in The 515 Building in downtown Louisville at the end of May, purchased the nearly empty office tower [yesterday]. [Business First]

6 thoughts on “25 Years? Drug Dealers Get Tougher Sentences

  1. The Hammurabi Code is nearly 3,000 years old. It still exists and is preserved in Paris’ Louve. Among its tenets is “An eye for an eye.” To be sure modern jurisprudence has endeavored to be more humane in its punishment of misfits of humanity. It’s a dicotomy that existss in a continuing struggle. The latest example of that struggle is the sentence recently handed down to young Compton . Maybe Hammurabi was right and maybe he was wrong — but two things are for sure — The punishment doesn’t fit the crime and the taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for the upkeep of the perpetrator of that magnitude — even in a human judicial system.

  2. “errata” “recently handed down to the perpetrator of young Compton’s death.”

  3. I believe taxpayers should foot the bill for O’Bryan’s punishment. Just further believe he should be forced to rot and die in prison.

    Don’t, however, believe prisoners like O’Bryan deserve any sort of luxury like television, access to news and information or even visits with family.

  4. Jake: I agree with your second paragraph — but O’Bryan WILL be permitted each of these ‘benefits’ along with 3 square meals a day, excercise and recreational activities, communication with fellow misfits, visits periodically (if he has any friends who would want to visit), a law library to look up law that could potentially accord him another legal proceeding and (probably) a general purposes library containing books and magazines. Hell he may even have the right to a computer — all thanks to the taxpayers.

  5. He took a plea deal, his “options” are over. But yes, he will have all those rights. But all prisoners have those rights, they don’t take them away for those who commit homicides.

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