Many Ignore What Master P Tries To Highlight

Rapper Master P is highlighting a growing problem in Louisville. The Hip hop mogul is planning a documentary that will partially be filmed and produced in Louisville. It will highlight the effects of chronic incarceration, and also show the impact violence has on youth. [WDRB]

The number of children in the United States living in poverty grew to 23 percent in 2011, according to the latest reports. [HuffPo]

Maybe Butchertown residents will finally start listening when people who know what they’re talking about tell them that Greg Fischer, David Tandy and the people who support them are never going to take their concerns seriously. [WHAS11]

Congressman John Yarmuth on the SCOTUS decision about the Voting Rights Act: “Despite our tremendous advancements since the 1960s, discrimination and suppression remain at polling places and in state laws throughout the country. While the Supreme Court dealt a blow to voter equality today, it also placed the onus on Congress to improve the law and ensure that the equality our legal system prizes also applies in the voting booth. Now, Congress must act to preserve that which is fundamental to our democracy: the right to vote for all citizens.” [Press Release]

Wondering what happens when you text and drive? Somebody ends up dead. [WLKY]

Charter schools across the United States have improved in recent years, but on average, they still offer little advantage over traditional public education, according to a new study released on Tuesday. [Reuters]

A grand jury met Tuesday morning to search for answers in the death of a mother and her two children. On March 13, the bodies of Jaimie Clutter, her son Brandon, 10, and 6-month old daughter Katelyn were found in the creek of Binford Park in New Albany. [WAVE3]

Here’s what Congressman John Yarmuth had to say about President Barack Obama’s climate change plan. [Click the Clicky]

You can’t fix stupid – end of discussion. The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office says former Jefferson County Constable David Whitlock’s security business violates a plea agreement that kept him out of prison for shooting a suspected shoplifter at a Louisville Walmart. [C-J/AKN]

The Kentucky Senate race is giving new meaning to the term preemptive war, as outside groups from both parties dial up their attacks even before a major Democratic candidate jumps into the race. [Politico]

A grand jury convened in Floyd County Tuesday, where Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson will attempt to find answers he said New Albany police didn’t provide during its investigation of the deaths of three members of the Clutter family. [News & Tribune]

Steve Beshear on brigade inactivation at Fort Knox: I am deeply disappointed by the news of the Department of Defense’s planned inactivation of the Third Brigade Combat Team, First Infantry Division currently located at Ft. Knox. This decision will likely remove nearly 10,000 military employees and dependents from the area, which will have a profound economic impact not only on Ft. Knox, but the surrounding region as well.” [Press Release]

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  1. I wish people who want to discuss the Voting Rights Act decision would actually READ IT before commenting …. It does not take away a single right – it simply quits punishing states for what happened 40 years ago.

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