Imagine If That Chemical Leak Was In Prospect

Yesterday just was not a good day for Louisville. A serious school bus accident and a plane crash will certainly make you thankful for being safe. [WDRB & More WDRB]

Watching video of that bus accident yesterday will really freak you out. Shot from a trucker’s dash cam. [Click the Clicky]

Saying it is “very pleased” with the technical migration of former Insight Communications customers, Time Warner Cable offered several explanations Tuesday for complaints that some people’s Internet and phone service had been lost in the transition. Meanwhile, thousands of people are still without service and Time Warner rolls its eyes. Meet your new cable company, same as your own cable company. You can thank your Metro Council for allowing this mess to continue without competition. [WHAS11]

They may have come to contest adoption of new science learning standards for Kentucky public school children, but they didn’t really get the chance. That will come later. [Ronnie Ellis]

A dangerous chemical is still leaking from a tank inside the DuPont plant in Rubbertown. It’s considered a controlled leak at this point, but the situation is not over. [WLKY]

Metro Council members on Tuesday deferred action on the controversial rezoning casefor the proposed 17-story Willow Grande condominium tower in Cherokee Triangle. [C-J/AKN]

For some of you who watch TV on cable, you may have not noticed any difference as Time Warner officially switched over from Insight this week. However, a number of former Insight customers say they’re frustrated. [WAVE3]

Technology is on the minds of Kentucky education officials who say they’ve identified nearly 40 school districts—including Jefferson County Public Schools—that are priorities for receiving upgrades to their high speed internet soon. Kentucky Department of Education officials say state’s public education system has been a nationwide leader in cloud-based computing, but KDE is struggling to keep teachers satisfied and adequate broadband Internet service in schools. [WFPL]

While his presentation will only last one hour, Dr. Saeed Jortani hopes his lesson will last a lifetime. Jortani, toxicologist and associate professor of pathology and lab medicine at the University of Louisville, will discuss the trend of synthetic drugs, drugs in schools and how these drugs can hurt the body. [News & Tribune]

Yum! Brands Inc.’s same-store sales in its China division declined in May by an estimated 19 percent. [Business First]

Wondering why prominent families like the Wilsons and the Browns are backing an Independent instead of a Democrat in a special election? This could have something to do with it. Along with the tired good old boy system of anointment, of course. [Page One]

6 thoughts on “Imagine If That Chemical Leak Was In Prospect

  1. I watched in horror at the webcam footage of the bus accident. Why did the people behind the bus just drive by without stopping?

  2. Debbie Lining Michals: Answer: This country is not the same place that you and I grew up in. In those days there was a common bond and a sense of community along with a Good Samaritan notion that guided human civility. The greed that has obsessed this nation for a generation causes folks like that to be think of only themselves and what THEY ARE DOING and they can’t be late for — whatever it is –. Deeply tragic.

  3. I don’t so much think it’s a common bond or civility thing related to generation. I think it’s laziness. People are lazy and have excuses for everything. No one wants to take personal responsibility for their actions or their existence.

    I was raised with respect and at an early age witnessed my parent and other family members stopping at accident scenes to assist. Maybe it’s just me. But I see a lot of people in my age group (early 30s) who stop to help and are giving when others are in need. And a lot who don’t.

    That laziness seems to be rampant these days among people of all ages. Laziness coupled with the greed that you mentioned and self-centeredness. People who step right in front of meemaws at Kroger who can’t reach the top shelf and just walk on by. People who don’t hold doors for people with walkers, canes or for those who generally need help getting through a door.

    It’s that attitude of, “Oh, someone else will do it – I don’t have to.”

    It’s how we’ve ended up with a busted pension system, an unchecked ring of corruption in Frankfort, corrupt agency heads all over Metro Government the past several years, thousands of unwanted animals being incinerated each month.

  4. Besides the truck driver who took the video, there was another truck in front of him that pulled over to the shoulder of the road. The 2 cars were almost taken out by the school bus when it abruptly veered left to the center lane and crashed into the concrete barricade so they were probably a little freaked out. Since everyone was going 55-65+ mph, the video didn’t last long enough to determine if the 2 cars pulled over once their adrenaline levels evened out and normal thinking resumed.

  5. I agee with Jake’s additions to my own thought process. The bottom line is that our country (as well as this state and city) are in dire need of a rebirth of our individual and collective responsibilities to others who are here now and those who will follow us. The ancient Greek concept of leaving “this place” a little better for those who follow “us” has been lost amidst the greed, self-indulgence, solitary life-style and non-accountability of far too many of us.

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