Arena Authority Revenue Dropped? Surely Not!

Louisville Metro Police say they found more than just drugs during a narcotics investigation at a Louisville hotel: they found several women acting as prostitutes. [WDRB]

Several Louisville Metro Council members aren’t happy with Mayor Greg Fischer for failing to restore previously cut urban services in his new budget proposal. [WFPL]

This is certainly not a humane way to put any sick pet down. The guy obviously needs a crash course on common sense. But firing him as a councilman? That’s kind of extreme in this instance – and we’re all crazed animal lovers here. [WHAS11]

Here’s your non-shocker of the morning. Arena authority financials show a reliance on city money and event revenue dropped by more than $4 million. [C-J/AKN]

As the school year rounds out for Jefferson County Public Schools, union contract negotiations began Monday between the district and the teacher’s association. This comes of the heels of criticism from Kentucky’s education commissioner about some of JCPS’ low-performing schools. [WLKY]

Kentucky judicial officials are moving to suspend a senior judge over allegations of misbehavior during two hearings, including an appeal from a death row inmate. A hearing is set for Tuesday in Paducah for Senior Judge Martin McDonald before the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission. [H-L]

Today John Yarmuth meets with Kentucky Community and Technical College System President Michael B. McCall. [Press Release]

The effectiveness of school suspensions is up for debate. California is the most recent battleground, but a pattern of uneven application and negative outcomes is apparent across the country. [NPR]

Dear WHAS11 medialady: dismissing suicide prevention efforts in a sarcastic manner is a surefire way to get us to tell the world who you’re humping for stories. This city has a tragic suicide rate and it is not something to be laughed at. [Media Failure]

A woman convicted of burning down her business for insurance money is ready to clear her name. [WAVE3]

One of 14 people arraigned last week on federal charges of being part of a drug distribution ring was a Jefferson County Public Schools bus driver, the school system said. And you wonder why the school bus system is so screwed up in Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

Last month, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear announced plans to expand Medicaid eligibility to individuals who are at or below 133 percent of the federal poverty level. [Business First]

6 thoughts on “Arena Authority Revenue Dropped? Surely Not!

  1. During a conversation I was having with two local state legislators. She felt it appropriate to insert her remarks and was surprisingly not drunk at the time.

  2. Of course I could.

    But I’d prefer to give her the opportunity to make things right by apologizing to the individuals she spoke to, by educating herself and by doing her part to curb suicide.

  3. You mentioned the conversation took place with 2 local state legislatures. This past legislative session, SB72 which requires some health care professionals to have on going suicide prevention training became law. Kentucky is the 2nd state to now require that training to take place.

    In 2010 Kentucky was the 1st state to put in place required suicide prevention training for teachers and administrators. We have heard from teachers and administrators from across the state that state because of the law, not only student lives are being saved but also teacher lives are being saved.

    During the next couple of months, over 600 Kentucky teachers and administrators will take a two day suicide prevention course that will enable them to become suicide prevention trainers for the schools they work for. In my eyes this is hugh and will save kids (and adult) lives. How about asking her to report on this and hear from the 600 people plus that attend how suicide prevention is working.

    By the way, Dan Seum and Larry Clark are my representatives. Because of each of there support and help in getting the bills into laws, required suicide prevention in Kentucky is saving lives. I thank them and all the legislators for there support in suicide prevention.

    I now wonder what we must do to get Metro Louisville government to take is as seriously?

  4. You-who. Has anyone seen Jimbo Hostess lately? Wonder where he went? Is he advising on the building of another arena somewhere? You-who? Hey Jim — where’d you go when we need ya? Surely you’ve got some kind of explanation for all this. Got any extra $$ along with Danny Ulmerie and Jimmie Patterson to toss in so as to help the taxpayers a little? Seems like I remember this whole thing was your big idea.

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