JCPS Supe Sent A Memo On The LACES Fun

Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent Donna Hargens sent out a memo regarding the indoctrination event held by LACES/Southeast at a JCPS facility:

From: Fields, Sherry C. on behalf of Hargens, Donna
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013
To: Jcps-Principals-All
Subject: Guidance on Religion in Public Schools

The event held last night in the Durrett Auditorium was sponsored by a group called Louisville Area Christian Educators (“ LACES”) and was not sponsored by the Jefferson County Public Schools.

JCPS, through the Board’s policy, allows community groups, religious and non-religious, to use district facilities after school hours. LACES completed the appropriate application for Facility Use.

We have received a number of questions and comments from the community regarding media reports about the content of the event. As a reminder regarding your obligations pursuant to the law, please review the attached documents.

This documents state:

-Public school employees are required to be neutral concerning religion while carrying out their duties as public school employees.

-Public schools may teach students about religion in appropriate courses, such as World History and Literature; such studies are academic, not devotional.

-Creationism and Intelligent Design are not a part of the state science curriculum standards and are not taught.

-Students have a right to pray at school individually, or in groups or to discuss their religious views with their peers so long as they are not disruptive, and such prayer is not organized or led by staff.

The attached guidance covers a number of topics regarding religion in the public schools including activities that staff may engage in. In our next phase of Cultural Competency Training, we will be addressing these issues in greater depth with our administrators and teachers.

Donna M. Hargens, Ed.D.
Jefferson County Public Schools
VanHoose Education Center
3332 Newburg Road
P.O. Box 34020
Louisville, KY 40232-4020
502.485.3251 Office
502.485.3991 Fax

None of Hargens CYA changes the reality that current and former JCPS staffers organized the event (along with future events). Nothing in the memo changes the public perception that JCPS promoted and approved the event.

It’s exactly what the LACES/Family Foundation/Southeast extremists wanted.

2 thoughts on “JCPS Supe Sent A Memo On The LACES Fun

  1. When “community groups, religious and non-religious,” use district facilities after school hours, does their completed “appropriate application for Facility Use” address payment for utilities, janitorial staff, toilet paper, etc.?

  2. Aren’t there enough problems with the local public school system for all the folks (in charge [!]) to deal with — or is it necessary to add religious proselytization in the public school system to the mix in order to complete patina to one total, gigantic, complete fustercluck?

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