Dirty Politicking From The Marilyn Parker Crowd?

When Marilyn Parker was running against Jon Ackerson, something interesting went down that no one wants to talk about.

A supporter approached Ackerson with a piece of campaign literature sent by Parker and received by that supporter on May 14. It was all about multiple ethics charges filed against Ackerson.

The strange thing? Ackerson didn’t receive those charges in his Metro Council office until May 16. One of those interesting charges, filed on May 8, alleged Ackerson’s campaign signs were too close to his town hall meeting signs. Which was beyond bizarre… since his campaign signs weren’t released until May 10/11.

When the Ethics Commission met in June, Ackerson was cleared of any wrongdoing. The Commission was so concerned about the timeline of events, though, that the case was sent to the Commonwealth’s Attorney for possible investigation.

We sat on this story for quite some time. A Local Newspaper ran a story about the Ethics results but neglected to share any of the juicy details above. We thought it’d be prudent to give them time to print them. But that was a hot minute ago.

So here we are. Asking questions. Waiting for someone to spill the tea.