Being Nonchalant With Tolls (Taxes) Unacceptable

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has nabbed an accused wig thief, according to an arrest warrant. Gives a whole new meaning to wig snatching. [WDRB]

What planet is Greg Fischer living on when he says membership of the board setting toll rates for bridges is not a major concern? [C-J/AKN]

Who believes everything is all the sudden puppies and rainbows? The “phenomenal” performance of the KFC Yum! Center’s operations since it was taken over by a new operator should help convince a bond ratings service to upgrade the Louisville Arena Authority’s bonds out of “junk” status, the authority’s chairman said on Monday. [WHAS11]

You can’t even be in Lexington these days without getting shot or stabbed. That town is still trying to catch up to Louisville. [H-L]

Maybe paramedics wouldn’t have trouble like this if the director of LMEMS was ever at work. [WLKY]

Kentucky Derby winner Orb has completed his final workout before the Preakness Stakes, breezing four furlongs in 47.18 seconds at Belmont Park. [WKYT]

Fifty years ago segregation in the city of Louisville ended. Problems and divides still exist, though most would prefer to ignore them. [WAVE3]

Special sessions may be unpopular — legislators understand that well enough to avoid them if at all possible — but two lawsuits over drawing legislative districts may precipitate one soon. [Ronnie Ellis]

Several members of the Louisville faith-based group Citizens of Louisville Organized and United Together, or CLOUT, are continuing their push for changes to Jefferson County Public Schools’ discipline policy. [WFPL]

Ford Motor Co.’s Louisville Assembly Plant, on Fern Valley Road, received recognition recently from company headquarters in Dearborn, Mich., related to a storm-water project. [Business First]

After failure of the Clark County Council and commissioners to broker a deal to close a $2.5 million budget gap in the sheriff’s department at a joint workshop Monday, it appears that significant mandated tax rates are inevitable. [News & Tribune]

3 thoughts on “Being Nonchalant With Tolls (Taxes) Unacceptable

  1. This is just an attempt by Dr. Richmond to prove the worth of his new toys. There is no doubt that capnography is a great tool, but it is not the end all. Like all technology, there can be false readings and operator error. A good paramedic uses several techniques to check the placement of the ET tube. They also never addressed the success rate of LMEMS (which in the past has been stellar) or how is compares to the success rate for ER docs and Residents (which might be interesting based on my observation). I also loved how Duane Pohlman parroted exactly what he was told, it even was Richmond’s phrasing. Pohlman is a talking head who can’t figure out how to use a doorbell without directions (personal experience). This is just a PR stunt to divert attention to the shiny playthings and away from the daily problems of LMEMS. It does not reflect the hard work of the staff well, just Dr. R trying to polish his image. wonder how well HE can intubate, considering he does not practice medicine in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

  2. I read where the Arena Authority is considering the possibility of refinancing the bonds. Their present interest rate averages a little above 6%. Can you imagine what the interest rate would be when the bond rating agencies note that the major (and only) tenant is a 501(c)(3) charity, which takes 88% of the suite revenue stream by virtue of a lease that was negotiated with the 501(c)(3) charity by many of its largest benefactors and members of the charity’s various boards — which results in the building making a couple hundred thousand dollars a month in what it calls ‘operating income’ but DOESN’T INCLUDE its principal and interest payments. When you include them the INTEREST PAYMENTS, ALONE, ARE APPROXIMATELY $1.6M A MONTH — so the ‘thing’ is losing about $1.2-1.5 million a month! Sorry, but ‘that dog doesn’t hunt’ in New York City — even though the cool-aid tastes good around here.

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