Progress Kentucky’s Shawn Reilly Has Strong Ties To The Democratic Party, Pattern Of Behavior Emerges

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The Democratic Party has been quick to distance itself from both Shawn Reilly and Progress Kentucky. Unfortunately, there’s a long, tight history there and it cannot be explained away.

Reilly not only worked on anti-McConnell efforts with Public Campaign Action Fund and Iraq Summer, he co-founded a campaign in the Louisville area to oppose highway tolling. Called ‘Say NO To Bridge Tolls’, the group’s focus was to prevent tolling on soon-to-be built bridges spanning the Ohio River between Kentucky and Indiana. He spent every week in the press, attacking politicians and getting into public squabbles with attorneys and chambers of commerce. To the frustration of a majority of Louisvillians, the organization’s efforts ultimately failed.

Shawn Reilly was so intertwined with the Democratic Party that in 2012 he was an official delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte:

The Kentucky delegation to the Democratic National Convention is a mix of first-timers, activists and pretty much every major Democratic Party office-holder in the state.


Third District Delegates
Kentucky Sen. Gerald Neal, Louisville (33rd District)
Kentucky Rep. Darryl Owens, Louisville (43rd District)
Charles Booker, Louisville
William Corey Nett, Louisville
Shawn Reilly, Louisville
Jennifer Moore, Louisville
Stephanie Reilly, Louisville
Sheila Yancey, Louisville
Queenie Averette, Louisville
Carolyn Tandy, Louisville
John Sommers, Louisville
Virginia Woodward, Louisville

So involved, in fact, that his wife also served as a delegate.

So involved that he was vice chairman of 34th Legislative District in Louisville.

And so involved that he currently serves as vice president of the Metro Democratic Club, Louisville’s largest Democratic Party-affiliated group. A group at the heart of the Democratic Party, the place all Democratic candidates in Kentucky have to visit to break the ice in Louisville. Though, it should be noted, that group has nothing to do with Progress Kentucky.

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